Your Deliverer Stands Ready


Message Magazine’s Online Devotional for Friday, April 24, 2015
Based Upon Exodus 20:2

The many years of slavery that God’s people endured in Egypt are instructive for us even today. Slavery itself can be an object lesson about the slavery to sin that human beings endure from day to day. We are constantly bombarded with the insults and injuries of this world’s pharaoh, the devil, who would rather endure the punishment of heaven than to let us be free from spiritual slavery.

One of the most encouraging aspects of the exodus from Egypt is that the Lord did not give up the process of liberating Israel because of Pharaoh’s insolence. God did not allow even the people’s complaints in the wilderness to intimidate Him into leaving them in captivity. The Red Sea, kingly armies, and impossible odds were no match for God. His purpose was to show the entire world that all things are possible with Him. He wanted His people to know that He would deliver them by any means necessary.

Are you bogged down with the unfortunate reality of sinful bondage? Does it seem that the Lord has brought you to a dry desert to die? Do you often feel that it was better when you served sin in you spiritual Egypt? The Lord is saying to your soul, “I have brought you out of bondage for a purpose.” You see, God did not go through all of the twists and turns of leading the exodus only to allow the people to whither and die. The Promised Land was in view. If they had been faithful to Him, in His strength, they all would have entered.

When the temptation comes to believe the struggle with sin is too difficult to bear, just look up to heaven and reach out in faith to your deliverer. Look upon Jesus and live, knowing that that ol’ serpent the devil cannot harm you with his deadly venom if God is on your side. Look to Jesus and live!

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