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People Need to Know

Message is more than a magazine. It is transformational information that will change the way you think, change your spiritual walk, promote the search for truth, and encourage an open heart dialogue with God. People who need hope and want to sustain their spiritual walk all need Message. We invite you to join us in this ministry by sharing Message. Will you?

Here is what we need:

Prayerful Support: We pray for every phase of our production—from the writers to the printers, the mail carriers to the readers. We’ve been around for 116, preserved with one mission, to let others know of the invitation of Christ’s mercy and love. We do this while keeping an eye on the time. Your prayers sustain us.

Prayerful Sharing: Not only will Message support your spiritual walk of faith, it is a valuable source of inspiration and information that you can share with others. Share Message with people who are close to you, or subscribe for others you don’t even know. Once you have committed yourself to sharing, you will be delighted to recognize the Spirit’s leading to others around you:

    Business owners/staff
    Cab Drivers
    Classmates or Schoolmates
    Correctional Facilities
    Family Members
    Fellow travelers on public transportation
    Fellow travelers at airports and workers
    Hospital Personnel
    Incarcerated Individuals
    Patrons of laundries
    Security guards
    Staff and residents of halfway houses
    Staff and residents of homeless shelters
    Staff and residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities

Special Project Support: Every year, Message flows into the prison system in the United States where approximately 2.3 million people are incarcerated. Together we can make sure light shines in dark places by sending Message. Your donation will ensure that Message reaches behind bars.

Message donates thousands of magazines to community centers, or for community events distribution. You can help put these special issues into the hands of people who need them. Your donation also enhances our online capabilities that reach around the globe with transformational stories that change hearts.

It is our prayer that God will bless you for your interest, your prayers, and your support for Message.

Carmela Monk Crawford, Editor