Out of Harm’s Way


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Message Magazine’s Online Devotional for Tuesday, November 11, 2014
Based Upon Matthew 10
If you were walking across the street while texting as so many do these days, and a large dump truck approached your intersection without your notice, would you want me to tell you about it, or keep it a secret? What if the text you were just about to send was of utmost importance to you? Would you see it as a disturbance or inconvenience if I ran toward you, shouting and flailing my arms to alert you to imminent danger? What if you still did not notice and I abruptly pulled you to safety, and your phone fell facedown into a puddle of water? Would you be angry with me as the speeding truck just barely missed you and we fell breathless to the ground?

Amazingly, there are many in our world who find it offensive when God’s people attempt to pull them to spiritual safety. They are so uptight that no matter the dangers being averted, or the noble intentions of the one who had their best interest at heart, they find fault with their rescuer. Whatever is so engrossing at the moment of their rescue attempt seems to be of much more importance than their own safety. Yet, God’s people are commissioned to be on the lookout for those facing looming danger. This is often a thankless work. Many times the only reward is the satisfaction of knowing God is pleased.

Whether you are among God’s rescuers or those whom they have helped, give thanks. Give thanks for the fact that God is willing to stop at nothing to provide a way of escape from eternal death.



Give thanks for the fact that Jesus’ life was not too precious to Him to give in place of yours. Give thanks that God does not see preserving your soul, at all cost, as an inconvenience.


The truth is, that all, at some point, need to be delivered. Therefore, all have good reason to give thanks. Whenever anyone reaches out to you with a hand of good will, give thanks to God and bless them with your utmost appreciation. Amen.

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