Drop the Heavy Load





Don’t fret or lose hope, but continue in God’s strength.
Message Magazine’s Online Devotional for Wednesday, November 12, 2014
Based Upon Matthew 11

There are times when even the most faithful among us need a word of encouragement. When you really think about it, we have been through a lot. We were born in sin, and from the moment our little faces appeared from our mother’s womb, we have fought an uphill battle. We struggle against both inherited, and cultivated tendencies toward evil. Once we have been delivered from sin and have begun to experience the newness of life, our faith gets tested in the crucible. But, we are not alone. Our Savior remains ever close, as long as we wish to continue in His strength.

Yet, the years of intense struggle may cause us to temporarily lose focus. We may not entirely forget the goodness of God in our lives, but during the most difficult trials, we might entertain doubt. It is in those times that we must determine to cling to our God even more.

We must remember the times the Lord impressed us with His love.

We must remember the times our hearts burned within us as we heard His words. We must, in our darkest moments, open our eyes and see the ways in which God is continuing to be faithful in our lives. While it is natural for us to doubt, on occasion, we must not be satisfied to embrace those doubts. God has been too good to us. As we pass through those dark corridors, we can be of encouragement to others. They can see our troubles and note our resolve to follow the Lord without wavering. Yes, we can be witnesses, even when we feel that we cannot handle another moment of difficulty.

Let today be the best day of your life, friends. Renew your commitment to work with God in whatever way He decides. As we accept this calling, the calling of putting His will before our own, our burdens become lighter. Why? Our burdens will become lighter because it will be no more us who carry them, but God. He promises us an uneven exchange—our burdens for His. And we know, He is well able to bear our burdens. Things will not always be easy, but with God, all things (good and holy) are possible.

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