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Message Magazine’s Online Devotional for Wednesday, December 31, 2014
Based Upon Luke 16

This morning’s Bible reading is particularly poignant to me today. I was doing a self-inventory as I prepared myself for the day (this is very important to do, by the way). As I listened to an inspirational thought, I had to honestly ask myself, “Are you serving another god in place of the Most High God?” The reason this came to mind was simple—my mind is consumed with good things.

As you obviously know, since you are reading this, I am a freelance writer. I am also an author. I recently also discovered a love for audiobook narration. I get up at 2am for narrating and auditioning to narrate for audiobook production. Ironically, I hate to read, but this newfound love overrules in this case. It occurred to me, since I have been writing for years, that I can actually get paid to read and write. These are the two things I hated most in school. Most of my books are Christ-centered, with the exception of one, so the lion share of my focus in writing is to promote the message of Christ. I have done a good bit of narration of conscious and health related materials, but would also like to do more with Christ-centered books.

Why did I tell you this? Is it some sly way to give you a snapshot of my résumé? No. I wanted to highlight the insidious nature of hyper-focus on seemingly benign, or even good things. It is quite possible for people engaged in “good” things to lose focus of the Best. Someone asked me if my mind is going 24/7, because of the amount of content I pump out each day. And sadly, I had to say that it is. When I go to bed, I sleep very well, but when I get up, my mind is flooded with how to improve my reading and writing craft.

What is brass-tacks for you who are reading this? Well, we all are faced with a daily decision when it comes to the talents and gifts with which our Lord has entrusted us. Will we sit on our gifts? Will we use them to the point of exhaustion? Will we surrender them to God, to be used entirely for His glory? Stewardship is a matter of surrendering our entire beings to God, and then utilizing all that we have, and all that we are, in a way that brings Him the most joy.

So, I am going to start praying about this more directly. Maybe you can adapt my prayer to your situation. Here it goes:

“Lord, there are a great many things with which you have entrusted me. I have been desiring to do the most at giving you glory with them. Yet, I realize that I cannot be trusted to do this on my own. Will you please show me how to avoid the pitfalls of doing good for the sake of doing good? Will you please birth within me a dissatisfaction with anything short of resting squarely inside your will? I want to return your gifts with interest, not squander them through a skewed focus.”

Now, go in peace for the New Year, friends and surrender your all to the One who loved you first.

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