At What Price?


Message Magazine’s Online Devotional for Monday, December 29, 2014
Based Upon Luke 14

Life is about counting the cost. Every single day the Lord awakens us, we must decide what actions, inactions, deeds, misdeeds, etc. are worth to us. For example, I must decide at night as I am preparing for bed, whether I will have enough rest to conquer the day ahead. Will I be refreshed to awaken early, so I can worship before I take on the trials of life at work, and at play? If I will not be, how much will that cost me? When I am considering marriage, what impact will that mate have on my temporal and eternal well-being? Will that mate help or hinder me? What will be the cost of our relationship?If I am in pursuit of worldly recognition and reward while my spiritual life suffers due to lack of commitment, what will be the price? If I forsake all that I am, and all that I have in surrender to God’s plans for my life, what will it cost?

Are you willing to sell all to follow Christ? Are you willing to relinquish darling sins, distracting vices, diabolical plans, and desperate helplessness to follow Him? What price did He pay to deliver us from sin and death? What price did He pay when He gave His life in love for those who would not love Him in return?

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