A Welcome Interruption


Message Magazine’s Online Devotional for Monday, December 1, 2014
Based Upon Mark 2

Jesus was never too busy to meet the suffering of others with love.

As Jesus preached the word of the kingdom to many onlookers, suddenly the roof above where He was preaching was broken up. In the middle of Jesus’ sermon, a paralyzed man was let down by four of his friends and laid at His feet. I do not know how long this man suffered. Neither do I know how long he searched for an opportunity to meet Jesus face-to-face. One thing is certain; he and his friends were persistent and faithful. When they saw that there was no way to approach Jesus through the door because of the crowd, their faith and desperation inspired their creativity. The friends let him down through the roof.

Did Jesus respond to this disturbance by scolding them for interrupting his sermon? What better time could there have been to demonstrate the loving benevolence He preached about? Jesus responded as anyone full of love would. He chose to relieve the man’s suffering.

Have you ever been so burdened by guilt that you felt paralyzed? Instead of praying and soliciting prayers, have you just laid on your bed of doubt? Learn a lesson from the paralytic. God is never too busy to bring you relief. When the incapacitating disease of self-pity and guilt press you to the ground, look up and see the gentle, loving Jesus prepared to make you whole.

Jesus responded to the faith of the man by forgiving him and healing his paralysis. There is no sin too great for Jesus to forgive when, in faith, we diligently seek Him.

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