Stunning Reversal


Message Magazine’s Online Devotional for Sunday, November 30, 2014
Based Upon Mark 1

Debilitating disease. Check.
Demon possession.Check.
Unbelief. Check.
Mental illness. Check.
Feelings of hopelessness. Check.
Loneliness. Check.
Uncontrollable fever. Check.
Anything else that would be distressful to human existence. Check.

The devil thought he had everything covered to destroy humankind and cause us to be lost like Him. But, there was one thing he missed: King Jesus Christ embarks upon His 3.5 year mission to break the back of human suffering and eternal death.

Check mate, devil!

There are times in all of our lives that we feel pressed against the wall, like there is absolutely no way we are going to survive. Sometimes our perspectives on these trials even cause physiological responses. Sometimes otherwise healthy people develop hypertension and high cholesterol because of negative stress. Sometimes people lose sleep, overeat, drink liquor, abuse drugs, and much more, just to cope. This is just what the devil ordered.

In our theme text for today, we see the blessing of King Jesus bursting upon the scene of our human woes. And having received the stamp of His Father’s approval, along with the power of the Holy Spirit resting upon His life, He enlists a few men to change the world forever. As long as these men abode in the power of God, they, with Christ, effected positive change everywhere they went. There was nothing the powers of darkness could throw at humanity, that the Lord and His servants could not relieve.

The fact is that trials continue until this day, but we can find courage in the record of the manifold blessings of God on the lives of others. If He could deliver them then, He can certainly deliver us now. One day very soon, Jesus will destroy sin once and for all. I look forward to that day.

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