How’s Your Faith Today?


Message Magazine’s Online Devotional for Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Based Upon Mark 4

This is a serious question when you really think of it. Oftentimes we ask one another how we are doing, and almost without thinking, we give the response, “Very well, thank you.” At the moment, our lives may be crashing down around us, but we answer without much thought. I want us to be more careful with my faith question, “How is your faith today?”

When the Word of God comes your way, does it find fertile reception in your life? When He commands you to do a thing, or refrain from doing another, how do you respond? When trials come, do you remember the Lord? When your dreams come true, do you continue to live a life of thanksgiving? How deeply does His Word impact your home and work life?

God’s Word is like the ultimate search light. It reveals what manner of persons we really are. When the light gives us an honest faith inventory, we have the blessing of His Spirit to grow that faith into a monument of godly trust that can withstand all that life sends our way.

Let us surrender our faith to God today so He can use us in whatever way He sees fit. May the light of His power shine through us that others will see our Good works, and give Him praise.

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