The Introvert’s Guide to Surviving Quarantine


Let’s face it. All the extroverts assume we’re handling quarantine like champions. They think we love the isolation. Yet they couldn’t be more wrong. There’s something they don’t realize: we’re not alone. We are trapped with them and they are demanding all our attention because they can’t get in touch with their kind. It’s exhausting! How can we get away from them when we can’t get away?

Try following this list of six things the introvert can do to get some time alone.

  1. Set up a dead zone

    Pick a quiet part of the house and tell your loved ones that while you’re there, you aren’t available to talk. Make sure the boundaries are clear and let them know they can use it as well.

  2. Put in your headphones

    Even the most sociable extrovert knows that when the headphones are in, the conversation is over. We’ve all mastered the art, so take advantage of this classic social cue.

  3. Work on a project

    This excuse requires some effort, but it’s worth it to get away from the crazy extroverts of your household. Whenever they come for attention, gesture to your project and explain that you don’t have time to be with them at the moment.

  4. Go for a drive

    I know, I know. It sounds like we’re wasting gas and where are we going? Why would we ever leave the house if we don’t have to? To get away from the society-starved extroverts of course! Keep those sweatpants on and drive with the music blaring until you get bored. Trust me, this will supply at least an hour of isolation – even if you get lost on your “unnecessary” trip.

  5. Start a movie marathon

    Sure, this one isn’t guaranteed to get you alone. It does, however, promise a no-talking environment. Let the extrovert in your home know they can watch, but not talk through the movies. Who knows? Maybe it will help them too.

  6. Let the extroverts in your home know what’s going on

    Yeah, I know. Feelings are gross and weird to talk about. But extroverts are going through a lot and need us to be there for them. They ask us to understand them constantly, but they need to understand us too. Tell the extroverts in your life when you need a break, even if it means hurting their feelings. Work together to find the best balance of their need to be with you and your need to be alone.


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