Drama Files: You Again!

An unexpected reconnection at my office reignited lost embers.


It was a Tuesday morning and I had a very full schedule. I was meeting with several individuals  coping with a loss of a spouse. I  prepared to take them through all the stages of grief and prepared their treatment plan.

First came Travis, who lost his wife two years prior. He suffered with depression, crying spells and Insomnia. The first session went very well and he stated he would be returning for his next session. As he was leaving he recognized my next client Lisa and extended himself with a gracious hello. She was startled but so pleased to see him.

When Last We Met

They shared with me they knew each other  since college and even dated for three years. The relationship ended when Travis went to study abroad. He stayed in Europe after graduating with his MBA.

Lisa completed medical school and is a physician at one of the hospitals in Detroit. They exchanged numbers and ended their conversation.

Lisa stated during her session how she loved Travis and never allowed herself to love anyone else. She came from a good family and spent a great deal of time with them, but she never dated anyone seriously. Our entire session focused on her feelings for Travis. She also told me she knew he was married and was doing well.

I knew I could not break confidentiality and I continued to listen. She was fully of aware of the HIPPA law and she never asked me why he was meeting with me. I wanted to say something to ease her interest but neither did I want to give false hope about Travis and her reconciling.

Give It Time

Two weeks later I met with Travis and he told me had connected with Lisa and told her about his wife and she was saddened by the news. Travis told her that he is going to counseling and wants to work through his pain and grief of losing his wife. Lisa understood and was very supportive to him.

Many months went by and Travis was still  doing well. Lisa also was maintaining  her session regarding her anxiety  and  learning to trust God. After two years of counseling I’m happy to report that Travis and Lisa are dating and taking their relationship very slow. They are now coming to couple counseling and looking forward to being married in the future. They both stated it was only God who could reconnect them with the same therapist on the same time and day.

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