The Extrovert’s Guide to Surviving Quarantine

Would people describe you as outgoing and a little loud? Extroverts have the most fun…except now outgoing people can’t go out or have friends around to hear our infectious chatter and laughter. Social distancing can make us feel as trapped as a firefly locked inside a jar. We need to interact with people—that’s how we recharge our energy. So what can we do when we can’t hang out with others?

Here are some tips on how to survive quarantine as an extrovert.

  1. Reconnect

    Communicating with others is a must for extroverts. This quarantine time can give you an opportunity to connect with old friends that you haven’t seen in a while. Shoot them a text or give them a call to see what they’ve been up to.

  2. Hang out virtually with friends

    Social media is a fantastic way to check on our friends in this crazy time. Some ideas include:

  • Open a Snapchat account. Add your friends and send each other snaps of how your day is going. When you wake up, you could share funny selfies of your morning face, or when you’re having breakfast, you can exchange selfies of your meals.
  • Interact with others virtually through video chat and even movie dates. My boyfriend and I watched Tangled through Facetime together.
  • Upload a video of yourself working out, such as doing fifteen squats or the latest TikTok dance. Then challenge some friends to do the same and tag their friends on Facebook or Instagram; you might start a chain.
  1. Make yourself known

    Take advantage of technology and let other people know you for your talents. For example:

  • Start a Youtube channel about any hobbies or interests you might have, such as video games, dancing, cooking, etc.
  • Share your art on an Instagram account. Post photography, drawings, quotes, or any way you express yourself. Keep the account updated and public to anyone.
  • Open a TikTok account and do some fun dances and challenges with other people around the world.
  1. Spend time with God

    Let’s face it—when we’re busy with school, work, and relationships, we tend to forget about God. So read a chapter a day of the Bible or a devotional book. Listen to what God has been trying to tell you for a while through Scripture, and also pray so He can listen to you too.

  2. See your family as friends

    Gather a few family members and do some activities together, such as a family game night with UNO cards, Monopoly, or Gestures. This is a time to strengthen your relationships with your family members.

  3. Go outside

    Going outdoors for a walk or biking around your neighborhood can help you get some vitamin D and exercise. And as you see and greet your neighbors and passersby, even from far away, you’ll recharge your energy and realize you’re not alone in this world.

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