Drama Files: Storm-Tested God


Anthony and Tina were expecting their first child and had been married for seven years. They  made all the preparations for their daughter’s  soon arrival.  One evening Anthony had to work late during a terrible storm. He was employed with a local electrical wiring company. Tina was home alone and was not due to delivery for six more weeks.  The couple felt comfortable and Anthony remained at work.  

While Tina was preparing dinner the storm knocked out the lighting for their entire home. Three trees had fallen near the house and one in the driveway blocking her car. Eventually, the temperature chilled to 35 degrees, and she realized she had forgotten to charge the landline phone. And, of course, she could not get a signal on her cell phone.

Tina began to get nervous and was becoming very cold. She knew that stress could cause the baby to arrive sooner then expected. Therefore, she tried to remain calm and prayerful.  As she was lighting candles throughout the house, God reminded her of her favorite scripture Daniel 6:16. “Then the king commanded, and they brought Daniel, and cast him into the den of lions. Now the king spake and said unto Daniel, Thy God whom thou servest continually, he will deliver thee.” Tina knew without a doubt that God would protect her through this storm. 

All Went Wrong

When Anthony could not reach Tina, he knew his home had been impacted by the storm. He left his job and requested that an electrical crew be sent to his home immediately. However, it would take several hours for the team to arrive.

Tina still did not know what was going on outside of her home and continued to trust God.  Before Anthony could arrive the roof caved in and some of the roof fell on Tina causing a terrible impact on her and the baby. Tina could not move and she felt an excruciating pain all over her body. 

Tina tried to move her body to remove some of the lumber off her abdomen. However, the more she moved the worse she felt. She felt herself losing all her physical abilities due to the cold and the debris that confined her to the floor. She soon felt herself having contractions and was screaming for help. She called on the name of Jesus and recited scripture to help put her mind at ease, but subsequently lost all consciousness. 

Power in the Name of Jesus

Shortly, after Anthony and the electrical team arrived, they began to assist with saving Tina and the baby. Anthony knew that they didn’t have enough time to get Tina to the hospital and he remembered that their neighbor was an OB/GYN. He ran next door and knocked on the door and providentially, Dr. Winston was home. He told Anthony that although was scheduled to be on duty at the hospital that night,  he was unable to get get there due to the storm. The same trees were blocking his driveway. 

Anthony told Winston the situation and they ran to assist Tina. They worked to revive her, and were happy when she rallied because she was in labor and needed to assist in the birthing process. 

Winston directed them to call an ambulance because Tina would need to be transported to the  hospital right after she delivered the baby. Inviting the electrical team to join hands, Anthony prayed with Dr. Winston, and for God’s healing power and deliverance in this situation.

Trust That Speaks Volumes

Winston coached Tina while Anthony stood by her side encouraging her. She soon gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl. By the time Tina delivered the ambulance had arrived and transported them to the hospital. The electrical team had removed all the trees so that Winston could also get to the hospital. Within thirty minutes followed up with Tina and her doctor.

Anthony, Tina,  and baby Danielle were all doing well. Several days later Tina and Danielle were able to leave the hospital and during  this situation they have become good friends with the Winston family and have been witnessing to them about Christ.  Winston was so moved by Tina and Anthony’s trust in God and the circle of prayer that he wanted to know more about their God.  And, what was behind the name, Danielle? he wanted to know. They wanted to name the baby after Daniel in the Bible, the couple explained. Just as he did for Daniel, Tina stated, “I knew my God would rescue me.” 

Tina’s Faith Strengthened

Over the next couple of weeks Tina realized she was experiencing anxiety and contacted me for Christian counseling.  She shared two points in her counseling session with me because of her  experience and the affects of the storm. First, God has a plan already in place as He did with Dr. Winston’s inability  to get to the hospital that night.  God had him available to assist. Second, she noted, nothing catches God by surprise.

While we are worrying we must learn to trust and lean on God totally. Tina thanked God for showing her a new path of trust and faith. She and her family are all well and truly thank God for her life and the life of Danielle. 

Tina wants to remain in counseling to help overcome her concerns and learn new skills and tools to develop her walk and faith in God. She now  clings to a new scripture of hope in Psalms 91:15: “He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honor him.” 

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