Wellness Wednesday: A Picnic in the Park

It’s still a little chilly outside these days, but you can look forward to summertime with these tasty treats. Think of it this way: you can plan and experiment now, so when the time comes you will be ready! Be sure to share your pictures with us on social media. Enjoy! -Online Content Manager

Sunshine, warm summer breezes, babbling brooks, flitting butterflies, the hum of the bumblebees, the fresh scent of the outdoors, and a gathering of family and friends. All you really need to add is a wonderful picnic lunch. Traditionally, these gatherings are based around “meat on a grill.” If you are a vegetarian, you can really enjoy a picnic in the park. No meat on the grill offers many other healthy options. Here are a few of my favorites. Since we live in the country, we won’t have far to go for our picnic. Enjoy. Don’t forget the watermelon and the bug spray.

Recipe 1

Eddie’s Favorite Banana Pudding

1 package Vanilla Mori-Nu Pudding Mix
1 package Mori-Nu firm, silken tofu
3-4 medium bananas
1 bag Mi-Del vanilla wafers
• vanilla soy milk

Mix pudding mix with tofu according to directions on the package, using your favorite brand of vanilla soy milk to make it blendable and easy to spread. On the bottom and sides of an 8″ x8″ baking dish, place a layer of vanilla wafers. Layer half the sliced bananas and half the pudding. Repeat again, ending with pudding. Top with crushed vanilla wafers or chopped coconut. Refrigerate.

Variations—Add 1 teaspoon of banana or coconut alcohol-free flavoring to pudding. Use Mi-Del Ginger Snaps in place of vanilla wafers.

Serves: 8. Calories: 255. Fat: 5.273 grams. Sodium: 118 milligrams.

Recipe 2

Fresh Collard Green Salad

2 cups raw, young tender collards, shredded
2 cups raw green cabbage, shredded
1 cup fresh parsley, chopped
½ medium red onion, chopped fine
1 medium tomato, chopped
• soy bacon bits or veggie bacon cooked and broken into small pieces (optional)
• your favorite oil-based salad dressing.

In a medium bowl, mix collards, cabbage, parsley, and onion. Pour in 1-2cups of your favorite oil-based salad dressing. Let marinate for 4 hours to overnight. Pour out marinade and place salad in a serving bowl. Top with diced tomato and optional bacon bits or veggie bacon.

Servings: 6. Calories: 22. Fat: 187 grams. Sodium: 12.7 milligrams. These values do not include your salad dressing marinade.

Recipe 3

Creamy Coleslaw

2 cups green cabbage, shredded
2 cups red cabbage, shredded
1 cup celery, coarsely chopped
1 red bell pepper cut in
½-inch pieces
• cashew dressing

Toss all ingredients in a bowl, refrigerate for at least 30 minutes and serve.

Servings: 4. Calories: 60. Fat: less than 1gram. Sodium: 22 milligrams.
Final values are determined by your choice of dressing.

Cashew Dressing

2 cups sweet orange juice
8 ounces cashew butter

Blend orange juice and cashew butter until smooth. Add more or less orange juice to achieve desired consistency.

Yield: 24 (2 tablespoons per serving).
Calories: 75. Fat: 4.6 grams. Sodium: 6.5milligrams.

Variation—Omit bell pepper and cashew dressing. Add 2 medium carrots, and one small onion, shredded. Use soy mayonnaise and soy sour cream to desired consistency. Season to taste with your favorite seasonings.

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