Parenting in the Age of Police Brutality

In this episode of Message in Your Ear we hear from teens about their encounters with law enforcement. We also talk to parents about how they prepare their teens to encounter the police so that they stay alive. Given our current climate and the recent death of Walter Wallace Jr., a 27 year old struggling with mental health issues, this is an important episode for you to listen to and share with your teens. Black teens being need understand the reality of police brutality and receive instruction on how to navigate it.

Thank you to special guests Danita Jones, mother of Ethan Jones, Mental Health expert, Kenneth Anderson, and Teralyn Coddle. Special thanks to Gabrielle Coddle Williams for her voice over work. The music was produced by DJ Bailey and David Person. The end credit music is a sample from the song “Circles” from King Koffee’s album Crown. This podcast is produced by David Person and a part of the Message Podcast Network. Special thanks to Oakwood University Radio 90.1 FM WJOU.

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