BTB EP 04: Nigel Shelby and Teen Suicide


In this episode we hear from teens and parents reflecting on the tragic suicide of Nigel Shelby, a young man who took his own life due to bullying about his sexuality. Listen to teens share their journey with understanding their sexuality, and even how some parents reacted to the news. The truth is, those who are both Black and gay experience pressure, discrimination, and violence everyday. Hear their stories. Click on here to listen to the full episode.

This episode of “Black Teens Being” featured Camika Shelby, the mother of Nigel Shelby, attorney Benjamin Crump, activist David Johns, and Taralyn Codle. “Black Teens Being” is produced by David Person, the music was produced by DJ Bailey and David Person. The end credit music is a sample from the song “Circles” from King Koffee’s album “Crown.” “Black Teens Being” is produced in partnership with Message Magazine. Special Thanks to Oakwood University Radio 90.1 FM WJOU. Narration is Garielle Codle Williams, a Black teen being.

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