Get Some Rest. You Deserve it.

There is no fact more clearly established in the physiology of man, than this, that the brain expands its energies and itself during the hours of wakefulness, and that these are recuperated during sleep; if the recuperation does not equal the expenditure, the brain withers; this is insanity. Thus it is, that in early English history, persons who were condemned to death by being prevented from sleeping, always died raving maniacs; thus it is, also, that those who are starved to death become insane; the brain is not nourished, and they cannot sleep. The practical inferences are these:

  • First, those who think most, who do most brainwork, require most sleep.
  • Second, that time saved from necessary sleep is infallibly destructive to mind, body, and estate.

Health, or, How to Live, pages 386 & 387, by James White

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