Elevation 2016 July/August

The greatest thing you can do every day is to seek elevation in your relationship with Christ. The Holy Bible, will help lift you closer to Jesus. Whether you use an app, a music player, or a paperback book to draw closer to God, know that He is waiting to meet you.

The goal of Elevation is to take your mind to a higher place by introducing resources that will help you soar! If you have a book, an app or new music, write me at pastorwesley2@gmail.com for review!

Here are some new resources to consider in your journey of purpose.


LoveDay book cover

“He Already Put a Ring on It”  Shari A. Loveday

Shari Loveday makes finding love practical and identifies with those who go through the journey of finding love. It includes a 30-day devotional with “date night” suggestions for how to set the mood for intimacy with God.

12 Shades of Man cover

“12 Shades of Man: Testimonies & Transitions to Manhood”   Various Authors; Editors, Eric Thomas and Jeremy Anderson.  www.spiritreign.org/motivational

This book provides riveting testimonies of men who have dealt with pain, doubt and temptation. Each author shares a testimony of his experience in his journey to success—and even some of his failures. It brings transparency and helps men answer the question, “When God shines your light on you, what shade of man will you be?”


 Anthony Cedars CD cover  Anthony V. and Cedars. Anthony Vaval has been a great support to my ministry in Brooklyn. After a long journey with his group, Cedars, he has released the single “I Will Forever.” It’s an awesome contemporary praise song that all should add to their digital library. It’s available on iTunes and Google Play.
 David Bratton CD Cover  David Bratton. After writing the chart-topping hit gospel song, “Every Praise,” David Bratton released his live LP, “Every Praise Live!” with his wife, Valena Bratton, and God’s Blueprint for Life Ministry. This is a great worship and praise album that is a powerful resource for worship teams in churches all around the world.
 Ray Robinson CD Cover  Ray Robinson, Canadian former crooner and rapper, shares a soulful musical experience in his debut gospel album, “Do You Hear Me?” His words and music are about truth and realization. No parental advisory is necessary with this album.
 LIVRE CD Cover  Livre is a group of friends with a passion for Christ. Their energy on stage is matched with their studio performance. Their debut album, “Jericho: Tribe of Joshua,” is a fusion of various styles of music ranging from contemporary gospel to R&B and more. They present worship in a fresh and relatable way.


 Praize Vision App

Praizevision  |  Watch church congregations as they live stream (or archive) their worship services weekly. Gain inspiration through the word of God, music and other podcasts from this app.

 Group Me App

Group Me  | Do you have a list of people to text that is too large for your phone? Use GroupMe and text as many individuals as you need to.

Scan Biz Card App

ScanBizCards  | I use this app because I get business cards all of the time. It helps to scan the card and download it to my phone right away. Great for fast organization.

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