Elevation 2017 September/October


Media That Takes You Higher

Friends, we want to elevate your thinking and relationship with God by recommending a resource that will inspire you. Let us rise together! 


The Fierce Urgency of Prophetic Hope
By Wendell L. GriffinGriffin offers a refreshing perspective of
last day events in the context of social
justice. He challenges churches or organizations
to discipleship, and to making
the gospel practical to those who really need it.
The Crooked Christmas Tree
By Damien Chandler
Damien Chandler is a pastor, songwriter,
and now an author. As I read his description
of his children picking out the worst tree and
dressing it up, it reminded me of “A Charlie Brown
Christmas”. Chandler addresses the unexpected,
while exploring family values, sharing his testimony,
and the glorious and inspired solutions to odd
circumstances. God truly sees us as that


Tracey Neal has released her EP
for Restored Ministries. Her songs
“Jesus,” “Excellent,” and “Awesome” are spiritual,
catchy, and will have you claiming the power of
Jesus by the end. Her music has a contemporary gospel
feel to it while appealing to audiences across the
board. Her personality and passion in ministry drives
Jermaine Dolly has hit the scene
with a creative tune from the theme
song of “Three’s Company”, and
makes it work for those of us opting
to sit church out. You’ve got to hear how his eclectic
style drives this message in music. “Come and knock
on this door, He’s been waiting for you…”

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The greatest thing you can do every day is to seek elevation in your relationship with Christ. The Holy Bible, will help lift you closer to Jesus. Whether you use an app, a music player, or a paperback book to draw closer to God, know that He is waiting to meet you.

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