Elevation 2016 January/February

The greatest thing you can do every day is to seek elevation in your relationship with Christ. The Holy Bible, will help lift you closer to Jesus. Whether you use an app, a music player, or a paperback book to draw closer to God, know that He is waiting to meet you.

I love this quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
Love should be the driving force that causes us to be more positive as we think and act in the world—even in the midst of chaos.


TheAdventistHome The Adventist Home tops my list of practical books on building a Christian home. This very special vintage resource remains amazingly relevant today.
SoAmazing So Amazing. . . Her Story: Secrets to Finding and Keeping a Great Man, chronicles the journey of a woman who has had two amazing marriages. According to the author, “The So Amazing saga incorporates the voice of a totally fulfilled husband—timely, tantalizing, and transparent. So Amazing. . . Her Story will inspire those who hope to find and keep the man or woman of their dreams, and encourage couples who long for a
So Amazing life. Visit www.soamazinglife.com for more information.”
BalanceOfPassion Balance of Passion provides thorough answers to questions about what it really takes to make a great marriage. Balance of Passion’s ultimate purpose is to help spouses discover how to create and maintain the “safe-haven marriages” they desire. You can find this book at Barnes and Nobles and at Amazon.com.


Music-BecauseHeLivesMusic-OhHappyDay Music-AndraeCrouch What’s old is new again, and what’s new is new again too! Here are several gospel classics written by families of gospel greats, and some new artists whose music we’ll remember in years to come:
• The Gaithers wonderful hymn, Because He Lives.
• Walter Hawkins and his brother Edwin wrote many classic gospel tunes, including the timeless classic,
Oh Happy Day.
• Andraé Edward Crouch and his twin sister Sandra
Crouch penned and recorded the classics, Take Me Back, The Blood, and My Tribute.
• The Clark Sisters
• The Winans
• The Pace Sisters
• David and Tamela Mann
• Virtue
• The Walls Group
• Forever Jones
• Mary Mary


 Life360 icon Life360 provides location services for you, your family, and your friends. Get notifications when the people you care about arrive at their destination.
 Glympse icon  Glympse is also an app that allows you to share your location with family and friends when traveling.
SquareHub icon  SquareHub is your family organizer. Share to do lists, calendars, and updates. Staying connected with family has gotten easier.
Using technology we can find many ways improve familial relationships. May God bless and enhance your family today.
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