2021 January / February Issue


 – Finding Purpose and Connecting with History in the Atlantic Ocean – 


11 Financial Lessons the Pandemic Taught Us
by Ruthven Phillip
/ Emergency fund? How about a 100-Year-Pandemic-Fund?

12 Slave Food
by Columbus Batiste and Eric Walsh
/ How still eating the diet of the enslaved shackles potential.

16 Return to the Deep
by Anthony Medley
/ He overcame his fear of the water, and now plumbs its depths for history and healing.

18 Raphael Warnock: Can you serve God and Country?
by Paul Anderson
/ Once again black preaching is called to task for its challenge to the powers that be.

19 Leadership lessons from Marshall & Houston
by Carl McRoy
/ What can we learn from two influential men working together to chip away at segregation and racism.

20 The civil rights work of apostle Paul?
by Carmela Monk Crawford
/ Misread, and misappropriated, one scholar reclaims the Word of God for justice.

22 Belief systems
by Omar Miranda
/ Our world tied together.

by Nathaniel Lyles, Jr.
/ Is it time to “self-quarantine” in the mountains?


by Phillip McGuire Wesley
/ Media That Takes You Higher

by Carmela Monk Crawford
/ Valuation

6 Eye on the times
by Edward Woods, III
/ Renewal of conscience

8 Optimal health
by Donna Green Goodman
/ Healthy at last

by Willie and Elaine Oliver
/ The time of departure

24 Futurecast
by Carlton P. Byrd
/ take a stand

26 The experience
by Ellen G. White
/ the kingdom of god & heaven

27 The experience study
by Rashad Burden
/ for those who don’t have enough

28 Message resources

29 Bless & be blessed

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