The Cherished Woman

Message Magazine’s Online Devotional for Thursday, August 6, 2015
Based Upon John 19:26

As you are well aware, I seldom share quotes from books in our devotional thoughts. However, given this week’s focus, I thought you would find the following quote comforting: He “who remembered His mother when He was hanging in agony upon the cross; who appeared to the weeping women and made them His messengers to spread the first glad tidings of a risen Saviour—He is woman’s best friend today and is ready to aid her in all the relations of life.”—Ellen G. White, The Adventist Home, p. 204. I find this thought particularly encouraging because we live in a time when disrespect of women is increasing. Spousal abuse, sexual objectification, marginalization, denial of equal pay reflecting the male equivalent, etc., are just a few among many ways our societies show disrespect to the women our God loves.

The message today is simple: Whenever you relate to women (whether you are a man or woman), consider Jesus’ supreme regard and attention for them. He committed his dear mother into the care of His most beloved friend as He was bloodied and bruised upon a cruel cross. He charged a woman whose sordid past He covered in His righteousness to be the first preacher of His resurrection. He shared some of His most quality time with two sisters in Bethany. As a hen gathers her chicks, so does He gather His people under His protective, nurturing care. He is coming back soon for a bride whose robe He has washed to a gleaming white in His blood. Our God loves women! He honors women. He empowers women. He cherishes women. If we receive the mind of Christ by faith, we will too.

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