Jesus Calling


Message Magazine’s Online Devotional for Wednesday, December 10, 2014
Based Upon Mark 11

In His hand is your debt paid, free and clear.
It’s amazing what price people are paying in churches all around the world, just to fit in.

You may have heard of churches that are quick to hold healing services, send water, or some bit of cloth…well…for a fee. They don’t call it a fee, because that would be uncouth. “If you sow a $1,000 [or some other amount] seed, you will reap abundant blessings and physical healing,” they say. Perhaps you’ve not experienced anything that stark, but you been to churches where status, credentials, pedigree, or material demonstration are payment for acceptance into their exclusive cliques. God’s people have struggled with this kind of thing from the beginning.

The book of Revelation depicts our Savior as walking among the golden candle sticks, which represents His presence in the midst of His people in sanctuary language. He is ever present to bless and to redeem us. Yet, there are times when the light of His presence reveals the dim reality of our merchandising. Sometimes His house of Prayer intended to welcome all people into fellowship with Him, has been reduced to our puny little houses of discrimination where we must display certain social currency in order to be accepted. If there is one thing that angers our Lord, it is whenever His professed people bar anyone from experiencing Him in His fulness. He jealously sends a scourge to those who do such things.

I am happy to know that our God is protective of me. Like you, I have experienced all manner of rejection over my lifetime. The place I expect to be most welcomed is among God’s people, and this is His will for us. The One who created of one blood every nation, is now making His final call to redeem every nation, kindred, tongue, and people. From the confusion of false religion and denigrated society, Jesus is calling His people to come out. He’s preparing a place wherein dwells righteousness for those who place their trust in Him. He has paid the ultimate price, so you can receive this blessing for free.

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