The Politics of Life-Why You Must Be A Part Of Them

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During this campaign season, thoughtful followers of Christ contemplate their own involvement.

Politics is essential to life, your life. It was a part of your entry into this world and will be a part of your departure if you depart by dying. A birth certificate proves that you were born and a death certificate will prove that you died. Politicians are a part of both processes. And between those two events, birth and death, you will not escape other political processes. These include certification of public and private schools, professional license, housing and building permits and law enforcement as just a few other government and political intrusions into your life. Public and governmental service may be an aspiration of many youth and adults.

Early involvement of many in government has been in the armed services which is non-partisan at the primary or basic level but is certainly a part of the political process as it is under the command of the President of the United States. He appoints and directs the leadership of the Department of Defense. This is true of all federal departments. Governors, mayors, county executives, commissioners, and county supervisors are also politicians with the same control over those levels of government. Politicians can be dirty without all politics being dirty.
Even persons of faith will find it necessary to encounter the political system and can remain clean and uncorrupted if they choose to continue to live a life of integrity, obeying the laws of God and the laws of government.

corruptIt is also clear that no institution or large establishment on Planet Earth is totally free of dirt or corruption. It does appear that politics is getting worse. Diane Rehm, National Public Radio talk-show host, stated when she announced her retirement in December of 2015, that U.S. politics has become bizarre and irrational. This was due to several candidates competing for media coverage by making different and unusual promises or proposals. Quality candidates of integrity should not try to out-stoop each other just because the press hungers for such news. The Federal Election Commission should monitor the claims of those who thrive on double-speak, euphemism, mendacity, ambiguity, equivocation, duplicity, lies, and treachery.

Office holders should not be able to acquire private or unexplainable wealth during their terms in public office. Required justification with the U.S. Attorneys would help keep them honest and promote early retirement to seek wealth elsewhere.

Even non-partisan politics and non-governmental politics appear to have taken a dip below integrity. This includes faith-based organizations of ministry and clergy. These organizations which enjoy tax deductible benefits should be required to police themselves or lose those tax benefits. Various types of immorality should not be tolerated under the concept of “grace”.

Some Christians and others have been questioned as to how they can work in a political system headed by a president who appeared to have positions far different from theirs regarding services for the poor and disadvantaged. The response could be similar to how Joseph of the Bible could have responded working for the Egyptian government, or Daniel for Babylon, or Esther and Mordecai for Persia. God does not require us to work only for those who serve Him or believe as we do. If so, most of His followers would have to remain unemployed, self employed, or employed by religious institutions. Individuals can be agreeable while not agreeing on everything. In modern times today, if we work for government at any level, like all the other employees including the president, we work for the people and are paid with the people’s money. As citizens, we should work to make sure that all employees are representative of all the people and that employees serve the people and the interests of the people.

Our leaders fail us when they tell us that we can work for the lower paying jobs but should not be executives. We should not be willing to serve in the army, risking or giving our lives and not have the right or willingness to serve as Secretary of the Army or Secretary of Defense. Sometimes, it is necessary to enter an organization as “an undercover agent” for the good of all the people. Christians who witness on the job may be seen, in part, as “undercover agents” as they represent their “Master.”

How does one who has the basic qualifications secure one of those executive, highly compensated jobs? Submit an application or resume to the search committee for whomever is entering office or is already in power. For top federal, state, or city office, one can Google governor or presidential search committees or call the local public library for the contact information. Any knowledgeable elected officials can assist. The president nominates and the Senate confirms presidential appointments. I have been fortunate to have been so appointed and confirmed twice. It is an unusual and honorable achievement. To achieve such, It is helpful to have someone who is widely respected or who has a valuable relationship with the president’s team or the search committee to support your interest with a letter of introduction. It is helpful if you are known by an insider or if you know a person of influence in your community to write such.

Some other good tips are (1) Pray, (2) Plan, (3) prepare, (4) Prioritize, and (5) Persevere. Some other successful friend, relative, or teacher can help one expand on those important P’s above to maximize the opportunities for advancing each step from interview to hiring.

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