God: You’re Not the Boss of Me


touch of God

Broaden your horizons. Actually trust God to do as He sees fit.
Message Magazine’s Online Devotional for Thursday, November 13, 2014
Based Upon Matthew 12

People are funny sometimes. I don’t mean, like, “Ha-ha” funny. I mean we can be absurd at times. Can you imagine standing before the King of the universe and writing Him a prescription as though He’s ailing and in need of your expert advice?

Oftentimes, we tell God how things should run. We tell Him how the Sabbath should be kept (or not). We tell Him that we need a certain car, and in how many days. We tell Him we must have a spouse by the time we are age [fill-in the blank]. We tell Him that if He will perform this certain deed in our lives, then we will serve Him (as though we are being so gracious to honor Him with our worship). This is insane! He is so patient with us. I cannot imagine how He must view enfeebled, puny little humans who can barely decide what to eat in the morning, much less seek to offer Him our “brilliant” advice.

I’d like for you to try something today: Try to speak to God as though He is as worthy as He really is. Tell Him how much you love Him and realize that you have been missing the mark in certain areas of your life. Although it is perfectly fine to be specific in our praying, experiment with something like this: “Lord, I know you love it when we bring our petitions to you. I know you welcome our thoughts and specific requests, but today I’d like to ask you to do for me whatever you have in mind. I am curious to know what that is in every area of my life. I trust you, sir. I trust you to manifest your will for me, because you want me to seek your face. I really don’t even know what to expect here, Lord. But, please, will you let me know that you are answering this prayer today?” This is going to be difficult for some, because you may think I am writing you a prescription too. Really, I am simply encouraging all of us to broaden our horizons of trust. Become as little children and go out with this sort of prayer on your lips knowing that God will do everything He wants to do in your life today, whatever that is. Try it out in faith and see how the Holy Spirit impresses you. This should be fun.—

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