Could You Stand By And Watch?


Life and death decisions may hinge on your warning.

Message Magazine’s Online Devotional for Monday, February 2, 2015
Based Upon Acts 4

If you were enjoying a cruise and suddenly discovered that there was a car-sized hole in the floor near where you were standing and water began gushing in, what would you do? What if, as you ran through the hallways and up the stairs, you remembered the drill you and the other guests went through at the beginning of the cruise outlining emergency procedures? You remember the shipmate saying that there is enough room for every passenger on the lifeboats. If all of this were the case, and you knew that the only way for people to be saved was to get on the lifeboats, would you tell anyone about it or keep it a secret?

Suppose you were tending to your own business and you saw a blind person about to cross the street and in the distance was an oncoming tractor trailer with a driver, obviously not paying attention, approaching the intersection at a high rate of speed. What would you do then? Would you say to yourself that you do not want to offend the blind person, therefore you will look the other way without warning them? Would you run as fast as possible yelling and screaming to the unsuspecting pedestrian of the approaching danger?

Believe it or not, God’s people are faced with decisions than are more grave than the two fictional examples above. We see people about to drown in the overwhelming floods of sin all of the time. We constantly encounter individuals approaching the crosswalks of doom. Some who consider themselves saved choose to walk by such people, fearful of offending them. In life or death situations, is there any room for apprehension? No. The possibility of people losing their souls, without us warning them about the impending danger as outlined in the Scriptures, is worse than a life or death situation–it has eternal consequences. Jesus did not allow the probability of offence to deter Him from seeking the lost. Often they despised Him for helping, but He maintained His resolve to lead them to safety.

The apostles of Jesus Christ had such incredible encounters with Him daily, that they could not help but share the only way of salvation with those who were lost. They taught and preached with boldness because they knew in whom they believed. They had such love for God and His cause that they would let nothing and no one keep them from their goal. Let us learn a lesson from Jesus and His early followers. If we do not seek the lost, who will?

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