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Message Magazine’s Online Devotional for Sunday, November 9, 2014
Based Upon Matthew 8

Jesus Needs No Hazmat Suit

Jesus never had a problem being hands-on! Were I ignorant of the power of God, I might have said that Jesus had no problem getting His hands dirty as He healed the brokenhearted and diseased. But, there is a crucial truth we must all consider when thinking of Jesus’ ministry to our deepest woes: Though He loves to come close and apply His healing touch, He ever remains clean and undefiled. We are the ones who change in the process, not Him. Jesus never had a problem being hands-on.

As you may have read before, lepers were among the greatest outcast in Jewish society. Not only were they a heinous sight to behold, they were also very contagious. As they moved from place-to-place, on their way to quarantine, the had to announce themselves by saying, “Unclean! Unclean!” They remained in quarantine with others so infected until they died. It was sort of like presenting at an airport with a fever of 105 degrees, arriving from a country purported to be experiencing an Ebola epidemic.

Nobody in their right minds would come near to a leper. But Jesus touched lepers with His bare hands and without a hazmat suit. He did not have to pass through a decontamination unit or destroy His clothing after coming into contact with these suffering ones. No! When He touched them, they were changed, not Him. When He commanded that they be healed, they were healed. When He spoke life into them, death had to flee. And to validate their absolute healing, the former lepers would present themselves to the same priests who declared them unclean.

What does that have to do with me—with you, today? Well, the Bible equates leprosy and disease with sin. All are deadly. Jesus has a habit and proven track record of delivering people from our infirmities. He has opened many blind eyes. He has delivered many from bondage to devils. He has relieved all sorts of suffering. And, He is still in the business of deliverance today. More than these maladies of the body and mind, Jesus heals our sin sicknesses. When we come into faith contact with Jesus, He tenderly looks into our lives and speaks healing. When He touches us, we are changed, not Him.

Do you feel unclean at times, dear friend? Do you feel unclean as you right now? Is there some habit that drives a wedge between you and eternal life? This is your day of blessing! Call on the Lord. Ask Him to have mercy upon you and give you the repentance of which you are so in need. Believe that you receive it, and it shall be done unto you. Amen.

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Today’s Reading in Divers Tongues:
1.) Hindi – http://www.bible.is/HNDWTC/Matt/8/D
2.) Arabic – http://www.bible.is/SHUABT/Matt/8/D

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