A Tree Is Known By Its Fruit



Thoughts in Worship
Message Magazine’s Online Devotional for Sabbath, November 8, 2014
Based Upon Matthew 7

Upon close examination, fruit shows from what tree it comes. Obviously, apples are not products of mango trees. Cashews are not products of eggfruit trees. Cherries are not products of rambutan trees. When we see a fruit, we can become immediately aware of its origin. This message has been sponsored by…Nature.

I wonder why we are so keenly aware of the obvious in nature, but not as much in the things of the Spirit. Like, why are we sometimes confused about condemning people to hell for having babies out of wedlock, but give ourselves a free pass into heaven while cherishing pride? Or, why do we sometimes think that our love is not suspect when we do things to others that we would loathe to have done to us? This is curious, and hypocritical. But, then again, there are many among us who are false prophets. They look like gentle sheep on the outside, but their sharp teeth are secretly awaiting an opportunity to rip others limb-from-limb. By our fruits shall we all be known. If we live the fruits of the Holy Spirit, we have been born of the Spirit. However, if we live the rotting fruits of wickedness, well, you know…

There is great news! God loves us much more than even the most loving father. He is more willing to give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him, than a great father is to give good gifts to his children. So, our encouragement for today is to keep asking; keep seeking; and keep knocking. Everyone who pursues after God’s heart, will find Him. And, in finding Him, we are “filled with the fruits of righteousness, which are by Jesus Christ, unto the glory and praise of God” Philippians 1:11. That is a promise.

Happy Sabbath from all of us here at Message!

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