Going For Gold

Allyson Felix is the most decorated female on the U.S. Olympic team with six medals, four of them gold.

You don’t get several leases on life. Take care of what you cannot replace, your health.


Now may be the best time for our youth and some others to think big and go for the gold. If they do not think and think big, they probably will never achieve those ambitious goals.

Many plans are made by children, youth, adults, and even senior citizens which never see fruition. Young athletes with great promise may never become MVP or never sign that big contract. Students with impressive GPAs may never make their mark as a brilliant business person or physician.

There are various reasons for failing to achieve. Some are preventable. One may give thought to only one aspect of a required complex plan. Some give too little thought to relationships which can sidetrack, derail, or wreck the best of strategies and hard work. One aspect of life which cannot be overemphasized is health. Without the best of health, good plans may get scrapped.

We do not get several leases on life or unlimited opportunities to start over in our quest for sound physical and mental health. We should consider early during our developing years, how best to invest in life that it may yield the greatest return. “

Our first duty toward God and our fellow beings is that of self-development. Every faculty with which the Creator has endowed us should be cultivated to the highest degree of perfection, that we may be able to do the greatest amount of good of which we are capable. Hence that time is spent to good account which is directed to the establishment and preservation of sound physical and mental health. We cannot afford to dwarf or cripple a single function of mind or body by overwork or by abuse of any part of the living machinery. As surely as we do this, we must suffer the consequences.”  (E.G. White, Child Guidance, Pacific Press, p. 395).

A young friend in military service was in serious training for a career in boxing. He was a consistent winner working toward the professional ranks.   His friends were enjoying beer and tobacco. He invited me to an important fight which could open tremendous opportunities, for wealth and happiness. I attended the golden gloves series. His time came and he had a great start but he could not endure. The match was stopped before he was beaten senseless and this ended his short career. He did not make the physical investment required for success.

“The observance of temperance and regularity in all things has a wonderful power. It will do more than circumstances or natural endowments in promoting that sweetness and serenity of disposition which count so much in smoothing life’s pathway. At the same time the power of self-control thus acquired will be found one of the most valuable of equipments for grappling successfully with the stern duties and realities that await every human being.” (Ibid, 395, 396).

A young friend of mine had ambitious political goals. He wanted to be elected to a county office of some importance. He envisioned rising from a lower position to the highest as some have done. He asked for my assistance in meeting key religious and community leaders. I agreed and he worked hard and smart. He defeated an experienced and popular official who underestimated the possibilities of youthfulness, energy, intellect, and humility. My friend moved upward to mayor and was being groomed for governor and more. But the day came while he was building his circle of successful friends and wealthy contributors, he encountered a problem with intemperance. He saw others enjoying alcoholic beverages and thought he could also. It led to a very embarrassing arrest and a record from which he could never escape.

“Every day men in positions of trust have decisions to make upon which depend results of great importance. Often they have to think rapidly, and this can be done successfully by those only who practice strict temperance. The mind strengthens under the correct treatment of the physical and mental powers. If the strain is not too great, new vigor comes with every taxation.”

junk food on your mind“Temperate Habits Yield Rich Rewards.–The rising generation are surrounded with allurements calculated to tempt the appetite. Especially in our large cities, every form of indulgence is made easy and inviting. Those who, like Daniel, refuse to defile themselves will reap the reward of their temperate habits. With their greater physical stamina and increased power of endurance, they have a bank of deposit upon which to draw in case of emergency. Right physical habits promote mental superiority. Intellectual power, physical strength, and longevity depend upon immutable laws. There is no happen-so, no chance, about this matter. Nature’s God will not interfere to preserve men from the consequences of violating nature’s laws.”  (Ibid, p. 395, 396).

Challenges come to each person pursuing a worthy goal which is not attained by average dreamers. Temperance, perseverance, integrity combined with good mental and physical health, smooth the road to success. And since our bodies are composed of what we consume, how much junk food and beverages should we eat and drink? There are shortcuts which may lead to poor health, emotional misery or other options worse than failure. You cannot select your relatives but you can select your friends and habits which have much to do with your health, happiness, and success.


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