Don’t Make America Hate Again

Multiethnic Group of Friends with United States Flag

Notwithstanding today’s election, we have work to do to create an environment of cooperation.

The world recognizes America as a great country.  It has been great for most of its history.  There was a time when it had both some greatness and some hatred.  Our true greatness began to surface as we began to grow out of the hate.  We then saw those who had been victims of hate make tremendous contributions that made us great.  America also helped make other nations great. We welcomed others from all parts of the world and many of them contributed to America’s greatness.

American history shows that the more we eliminated hatred, the more we moved America and the world toward greatness.  Former slaves and former slave owners learned that they could work and study and live together in the interest of all Americans.  We are amazed at the accomplishments of former slaves, the children of former slaves, and individual victims of what could be termed “national hatred.”

Hall of Fame

Chrispus Attucks showed us in 1770 that African Americans could be war heroes in the battle for America’s freedom. Jan Matzelinger, a black man, secured a patent in 1883 which revolutionized the shoe manufacturing business. He made it possible for people of every nation to have a pair of quality shoes at an affordable price.  Hiram Rhodes Revels of Mississippi showed our national leaders that blacks could serve with dignity and honor in the United States Senate in 1870. Others followed including Barack Obama who, as president, rescued the country from the second greatest recession and possibly prevented the greatest depression in history.

The list of superior leaders, inventors, scientists, clergy, educators, athletes, and unlimited others could continue. Their scores of inventions promoted the interest of public safety, the military, and general living standards.

MLK Jr. QuoteThese saved many lives. Others could have been saved had they not been assassinated, been allowed to serve and make the differences of their potential.

America must reject any suggestion that we go back to our times of discriminatory hate.  Don’t take us back to hate.

Our children and grandchildren would be subjected to a future of scarcity and depression.  Don’t take us back to hate.  Let us go forward to peace and prosperity.  Our greatest inventions are ahead.  Let us go forward to compassion and cooperation.  The elimination of catastrophic diseases are just ahead.  Let us go forward with the hope of health and happiness.  Perseverance in pursuit of that which is good will achieve our goals for ourselves and all of humanity.

How Cordiality Wins Hearts And Minds

Some years ago when I had diplomatic responsibilities around the world for the United States Department of State and the White House, I made two visits to the Republic of South Africa within a few weeks time.  The first was a general visit where I looked at human rights problems and progress, economic development and bilateral trade between the two countries.  On the second we had more specific recommendations and requirements for full freedom and equality for all–blacks, whites, and coloreds.

While there a host from a national TV program interviewed me.  I was surprised at the warm hospitality before the interview. I learned what I could expect in the way of questions and responses toward me. We discussed previous criticisms that had been voiced from different quarters and leaders in the U.S.  There was no interest in blindsiding me or embarrassing the United States.  Too often, even friends, who differ on positions and governmental leaders in the same government act as though they are enemies.  This approach limits the effectiveness of both or all sides.  Cooperation and cordiality is in the best interest of our country and our citizens.

Campaign 2018 or Sooner

The next time America elects a president of a different race and party from the leader of the Senate, it will be great for the senator to announce that he will fully cooperate. It would be in our best interests to help the new president and the country achieve greatness during that president’s term.

And the next time a woman gains the nomination of her party for the presidency, it will be great if committee members of the opposing party would announce their willingness to be fair and helpful. It would be in our best interests to consider all proposals and nominations for key positions, including the Supreme Court.  For those who really want America to be its greatest, this attitude of cooperation and friendly coexistence will multiply the possibilities.  South Africans learned that from Nelson Mandela.

Biblical Case Studies

We can thank the examples of at least two biblical figures for this lesson as well, Joseph and Daniel. “From the beginning God has wrought through His people to bring blessing to the world. To the ancient Egyptian nation God made Joseph a fountain of life. Through the integrity of Joseph the life of that whole people was preserved. Through Daniel God saved the life of all the wise men of Babylon. And these deliverances are as object lessons; they illustrate the spiritual blessings offered to the world through connection with the God whom Joseph and Daniel worshiped” (Ellen G. White, Acts of the Apostles, p. 13).

The power of acceptance, cooperation, unity, equality, and love can build bridges and bring increased greatness to every region of America and the world.

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