Your Not to Do Christmas List

This article is for you Christmas procrastinators. If there’s anything that will throw your spending out of control it is waiting until last minute to figure out what gifts to give this Christmas. So, with one day remaining before Christmas, here is what should be on your Christmas not to do shopping list.

Gifts with Warranties

Let’s say you purchase a kitchen item for a friend and when you are about to click the purchase button the question of warranty is raised. What should you do? I know! In your haste to purchase a gift at the last minute you include the warranty in your purchase. Don’t waste your money! Are you or your friend ever going to recoup the value in dollars spent on a regular kitchen item verses its cost? Save yourself a few dollars and ignore the warranty button or skip the warranty question at the cash register.

Wrapping Paper

Now here’s one of my all-time favorites! Are you ready for this brand name wrapping paper! I know you’re already feeling guilty because you had no shopping plan, or you procrastinated and are now getting it together three days, maybe no eve one day before Christmas. But shouldn’t the gift be enough. Save a few bucks and let go of the brand name stuff. Regular wrapping paper will get the same objective accomplished. Stop guilt tripping!

Shipping Cost

At this eleventh hour you’re going to have to make some store shopping choices. First, you may need to consider purchasing a gift from a vendor where there is free in-store pickup. With shipping cost out of control and you waiting until the eleventh hour to swing into the holiday spirit, UPS and Amazon may be out of your shipping spending cost for this season. Besides, it still may not arrive on time after you have paid all that money for shipping. The people on your list may not be far away and perhaps you could consider doing the in-store pickup and delivery yourself.

Guest List

This suggestion may not resonate with many of you, but some individuals have too many people on their Christmas list. Here you should do like Santa: make a list, check it twice, and see who you can cross off. I know it sounds cold, but these are the hard realities when you begin your Christmas shopping at the last minute. You had no budget plan or shopping plan, and you procrastinated. You don’t not need to feel guilty about removing someone from your list. Especially since, you will more than likely be charging these items on your credit card and will be paying interest on these gifts for the next several months. Ouch!

All that said, have a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays!

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