The Healer or the Healing

Pain is universal, unavoidable and timeless. As we follow through the scriptures, it is evident that pain has always and will always be there. In fact, Isaiah the prophet foretells of the coming King and what His assignment would be.

In Isaiah 61:1, he declares that Christ has come to heal the brokenhearted and comfort those who mourn. To this end, one of the first and frequent wonders that Jesus performed was the healing of the sick restoring infirmities, deformities and bringing back wholeness on behalf of those desperately seeking relief for their beloveds or for themselves. Healing is a gift, a ministry and blessing of God to His people. According to the laws of Moses, it is a covenant right!

Reading About Healing

Let’s reflect, and maybe try to visualize this healing scene in contemporary times. In the book of Luke 5:8 it is possibly a mild to hot day. A young man is being carried through the streets of Galilee. He is on a stretcher thirsty, physically in pain, and emotionally tormented by guilt. His friends are determined to help him receive the help he needs. They have probably watched him in agony for some time. Until, one day they decide that it is enough!

Today, they decide to go see a man they heard heals people and beg him for a miracle. Without haste, they fasten their sandal straps and hurry along. It’s packed! There is no way they will see the Messiah. So they figure out another way, another plan. It will have to be through the roof! It’s the only way to show the urgency of the case. Yes, yes…a show stopper. A grand entrance!

The Audacity of Faith

Through this story we see that true faith is audacious! In fact, Jesus was well pleased with their audacity to break all protocol just to get to Him. Sometimes, when we need help neither pride nor timidity will do the job. We can only receive when we believe that He is able and willing. Jesus has come to alleviate pain and restore us into glory. Sin has made provision for broken hearts, broken families, unhealthy minds, disease and ailments. But, Jesus is our healer. This scenario challenges our faith and choice of friends. We need to come believing that He can and then He will. We have to try! Even when it seems impossible.

Perhaps, you are reading this and wondering if your heart will ever be whole again? Maybe it’s a physical condition or deformity that has become your identity? Are you tormented with thoughts you’d rather not think of? Jesus can heal your both and your mind replacing your negative imaginations with a peace that passes all understanding.

The Power of Belief

Oftentimes people struggle with believing in God. If they do it may be with a fraction of doubt or despair. The bible says, “hope deferred makes the heart sick” (Proverbs 13:12). The man at the pool of Bethesda for years watched as others jumped into the water being stirred by the angel for healing. He watched in despair knowing that with his disability he’d never be able overtake others. I can’t even begin to imagine his disposition at the time. Was he even mobile or stuck?

Jesus came to him and asked, if he wanted to be healed. What a rhetorical question. If it wasn’t Jesus asking I’d regard the question as patronizing. However, Jesus wanted the man to review His faith and believe. Is it healing he wants or does he hope to get carried to the front of the queue. So I ask you too, dear friend, are you ready for healing? Have you imagined a life outside of the prison of infirmity? Do you want Jesus to make you whole or will you settle for any kind of quick relief?

Healing or the Healer

Shame, misconceptions and biblical ignorance are only 3 of the many hindrances to total deliverance. It’s not just in the visible result but the depths of the heart and the ways of the mind? Are you set free from strongholds? Those mindsets that keep you in cycles of stagnation. Are you stuck?

Is it healing you want or the healer?

When Jesus healed the man on the stretcher, he said “sin no more.” This scripture reveals that his condition was the symptom of a deeper heart iniquity. Unless Jesus had addressed the root, this young man would have soon found himself, again, bed ridden and bound by condemnation.

The healer liberates us totally. He never belittles or disgraces us. Jesus the healer simply wants you to be whole. From within to the outside. It is Jesus we need, when we have him we have an eternal and consistent source of freedom. The path of His healing is when we accept Him first as our Lord and savior.

He is the cure. The antidote. The prevention. The solution. All He asks is that we believe he can do it. Years of hoping may cause us to doubt His goodness towards us. Maybe even cause us to be in despair. But today, I encourage you to receive this invitation to a place called Hope. Despite all your mistakes, sins and bad decisions. Jesus heals. In stead of just seeking your healing, seek after the healer.



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