Overcoming Generational Sin

Sin recovery is acknowledging your family’s struggles and how they impact you today so that you can overcome them now and keep your children from having to overcome them tomorrow.

Message Magazine’s Online Devotional for Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Audio Link: http://bit.ly/ThoughtsinWorship

Today’s Scripture Focus: Nehemiah 9:34-38

We are focusing on sin recovery principle number four of 12: “We are submitting to an honest self-inventory as the Holy Spirit makes us more aware.”

I know from experience what it’s like to suffer internal struggles due to heredity. Every person born of a woman, whether you know her or not, has to face the reality of your ancestors. This reality is that they struggled with pride, rage, hatred, pessimism, over ambitiousness, promiscuity, alcoholism, drug abuse, greed, envy, doubt, and much more. The sooner you admit this to yourself the sooner you will be in a position to experience victory.

Family Feud

If your dad was an angry man, acknowledge that his anger may have had a negative impact on you. Maybe your mother was a crack addict. Acknowledge that her addiction had some negative impact on you. If your grandmother couldn’t see a handsome man go by without soliciting him, acknowledge that this may have had some negative impact on your life. Or maybe your grandfather abandoned his family. Accept that his decision has had a negative impact on your life.

I say all this not to give you a multitude of excuses or a list of individuals to blame for all of your problems or maladaptive, yea sinful, behaviors. I say this so that you can take an honest self-inventory and begin to identify some of what makes you tick. There are a number of sins and behaviors that many of us struggle with that are directly linked to the struggles and decisions of our foreparents.

What’s Next?

What do you do once you recognize the impact of your ancestors on your life? Do you wallow in it? Do you blame someone else for your poor choices? Do you throw up your hands in despair because you feel like you got the short end of the stick in life? Let me share an idea with you.

You should talk to God about it. I know it sounds too simple to be true. But honestly. Ask God to show you how the decisions and habits of your foreparents is having and impact on your lifestyle choices today. Ask him to nullify the effects of heredity to the point that it drives you to do evil. Ask God to teach you new ways of dealing with issues; teach you new ways of viewing yourself and others; teach you new behaviors to replace the broken and sinful ones of your past. Ask God to manifest His love so powerfully in your life that you learn to make the right choices as matter of consistent habit so you can bring Him glory. And finally, ask God to adopt you in His family. His bloodline wasn’t perfect. It’s also filled with everything from liars to prostitutes to murderers. And yet, Christ was able to rise above the sin in His family’s past and live a perfect life.

God’s not asking you to condemn your family. He’s simply asking you to acknowledge their brokenness and ask for His help so that you can recover from the sins of your family. He wants to give you victory over the sins they couldn’t seem to overcome. God will not disappoint. He longs to help you recover from the sins of your past so that they don’t get passed on to the next generation.

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