#WhatsTheMessage EP 49: Empowering Black Christian Women

The What’s the Message podcast is a show hosted and sponsored by Message that is committed to engaging the questions, concerns, and issues that are of particular importance to Africans in America. Today we welcome Jacqueline Horbrook, the Founder and CEO of Black Christian Influencers, Inc. to the podcast.

Daily, Jackie engages a fresh method of ministry, while seeking to influence future world changers. She holds a Masters in Counseling and College Student Development, and a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing. Jackie has a heart for ministering to those that are striving to create change in their communities. Jackie also has a powerful story about battling with and overcoming depression, starting her own business, mothering her daughters, and learning that God empowers women everyday to change the world in every lane. I am confident that this is an inspiring, enlightening, and powerful episode that you do not want to miss.

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