Elevation 2015 November / December

The greatest thing you can do every day is to seek elevation in your relationship with Christ. The Holy Bible, will help lift you closer to Jesus. Whether you use an app, a music player, or a paperback book to draw closer to God, know that He is waiting to meet you.

I love this quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
Love should be the driving force that causes us to be more positive as we think and act in the world—even in the midst of chaos.

The Blessing of Adversity The Blessing of Adversity by Dr. Barry Black
This book provides inspiration for anyone stung by life’s tragedies, and proof that God can help us through our pain and use that pain to help someone else. Love yourself enough to get through adversity.
The Five Love Languages: How to
The Five Love Languages- How to  Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate The Five Love Languages: How to
Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate by Gary D. Chapman
Express love to your mate, but imagine if you found out the love language of your mate and loved them in the way they want to be loved every day. Chapman’s classic on intentional love is a must for every married couple. Let there be love in our homes.
Love Medley –God’s Chosen
These three ladies have assembled inspirational songs by Kirk Franklin, Lamar Campbell, Vickie Winans, and William Hubbard to create a breakout debut single on their first album. This well-known song still inspires love for God today.
Jesus Is the Answer –Andrae Crouch
Although there are new songs and new artists, “Jesus is the Answer” continues to be relevant to all aspects of life. The message of Crouch’s famous ballad is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, reminiscent of Pastor Timothy Wright’s Katrina song.
Power of Love –Lamar Campbell
Campbell has been writing songs about love for a few decades now. This song inspires love and touts the powerful effect it can have on this world.
Is Anybody Listening? –Kirk Franklin
This song was originally written by Kirk Franklin before the earthquake that destroyed much of Port Au Prince, Haiti, claiming numerous lives. Yet, “Is Anybody Listening” was a soundtrack used to raise money and awareness to needs of the earthquake survivors.
No Greater Love –Smokie Norful
This song inspires me. If you have ever been through pain and anguish, this song tells the truth about how the love of God rescues us. I love his passion for relating powerful messages through music.
Your app store has many apps that offer ways to express love, such as sending love notes or inspirational quotes. You can send positive messages on social media by creating your own through an app called Vanilla Pen. It has awesome background features and you get them for free.


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