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In Huntsville, Alabama
December 6-9, 2015?
We’re looking for models!
Send your photo to:

God has done something special for you and through you and it shows in your demeanor and carriage. We want to use your image to minister to others through Message! We are looking for men, women and children in this one-of-a-kind project! Our 2016 Bible study, The Experience, will trace the moments leading up to Christ’s death and resurrection. This, “a thoughtful hour” of reflection, will bless the readers and you!

Message and the award-winning Nikon certified photographer Ronald Pollard have teamed up to create timeless and unique images that illustrate stories from the life of Jesus. These images will be used in Message, its online platforms and in calendars and Bible studies.

The casting call closes Friday, December 4, 2015. Send your photo to

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