2021 March / April


“As a man thinketh…so is he.”  Proverbs 23:7   Its time to Change Your Brain.


7 Made in God’s Image
by Chinyere Erondu / You were fearfully and wonderfully made. Embrace it.

11 Changing Your Vote
by Ruthven Philip
/ Side with those who value your interests and economic strength..

12Liberation Nutrition and Lifestyle
by Columbus Batiste and Eric Walsh
/ Break free from “slave food” and live in wholistic strength.

14 Covid tool kit
By Dr. Ruby Lathon, Dr. Eric Moore, Dr. Richard G. Berry, Dr. Christine Ince, and Dr. Wayne Moore
/ Stay safer and
up-to-date with solid information and healthy strategies..

16 The Courage to Change Your Brain
by Karen Allen
/ For good, or for bad, our thoughts lead us to our destiny.

18 Unsocial Media
by Scott Ritsema
/ This was supposed to be the information revolution. Now we’re depressed and hate each other.

21 Dr. Charles Richard Drew
by Carl McRoy
/ From pandemic to pandemic.

22 Beast mode, the prophecy
by Ivor Myers
/ Where to find the prophetic peace foretold so long ago.


by Phillip McGuire Wesley
/ Media That Takes You Higher

by Carmela Monk Crawford
/ Secret Of The Black Chill

6 Eye on the times
by Edward Woods, III
/ Mental Health and the Church

8 Optimal health
by Donna Green Goodman
/ plant powered for life

by John and April Nixon
/ Slide In: Getting the Most Out of Online Dating

24 Futurecast
by Carlton P. Byrd
/ What do you worship?

26 The Experience
by Ellen G. White
/ The Kingdom of God & Heaven

27 The Experience study
by Rashad Burden
/ What was given up?

28 Message Resources

29 Bless & be blessed

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