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God’s Gifting Never Gets Old As told to Philip McGuire Wesley

Maurette Brown Clark, renowned gospel music artist and minister of music, is known for her hits “Angels Watching Over You” with Richard Smallwood, “Just Want to Praise You,” “It Ain’t Over,” “Sovereign God,” and now number one Billboard ranking song “I See Good.” She continues to write, produce and collaborate with other artists to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to thousands of people worldwide. Yet, as well-known as she is, we found her to be perennially relatable, approachable, and open to sharing her anointed story. 

“So, my dad could sing. 

My mother told him, ‘I’ll marry you if you teach our children to sing’ and he did just that. What started out as a forcibly, against-our-will-situation, who knew that it would turn into my life’s vocation? 

We had a little group: my dad, the four of us. My sister played the piano and my brother played the drums. I played the piano a little later because I was taking piano lessons and we just, we sang. 

When I was real little, we’d sing a lot. Like, any church we walked into, they would be like, “Oh, we see Deacon Brown with the children. Y’all want them to sing?” We’d be like, “No” — we didn’t even want to be here in church. Then my dad would go walking up and we were like, oh gosh. 

I really didn’t know then that this is what I’d be doing, but you do what you are given to do. All through my formative years I would join the chorus because I knew how to sing. I would join the band because I played an instrument.

It carried on to when I left for college. I came down to Maryland and asked myself, “What do I do here? I don’t know anybody. Oh, there’s a gospel choir, this is what I’ll do,” never knowing that this is what I was created to do.

Moment for Mission

The light went off in my head after I graduated from college. I was working, had a boyfriend, had a car, had a great church home. I was like, this is great; life is good. But I still had a hole in my heart, a hole in my soul. So, I just prayed and asked God, ‘What is it? I’ve done everything that I’m supposed to do to this point. What am I supposed to do now?’

I prayed and He answered. He said, “you got to tell people about Me. Since I saved you, go tell people about me.” And the best way I knew to do that was through my voice.

At my very first concert, Donnie McClurkin came, and Daniel Winans was there. Everybody from my little job came, so it was like a whole row of people that looked out of place in Northeast, D.C. It was packed, like, the church was packed. 

My family came from New York cause they were like, “we know you can sing. We know you’re anointed, and we love you, but a concert?”

 And God used that for me to embark on what I literally do now. I haven’t changed how I present.

He has just enlarged my territory. Of course, He’s enlarged my capacity. He’s enlarged my gift, but the intent is still the same. The same way that I want something to pierce people’s hearts, it’s the same way I present the gospel, Jesus Christ.

Living Witness

If God could find me in my mess, in my junk, in my indecision, in my here-one-day-doing-something-else-the-next-day, if He could find me, and choose me, and use me, and continue to do that, He can find and choose anybody. That’s how I try to present Jesus Christ to people.

He’s not reserved for some people. He’s for everybody. And the gifts that He gives you, He wants you to use them, whatever the gift is. He can take it, and He can do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we can ask or think.

So, whatever it is He has gifted you to do,  I’m a living witness that has not forgotten. When He told me to go, I went, and He’s blessed every step of the way.

And so that never gets old to me, and that never gets where I’m like, “Oh God, I feel like a square peg trying to fit [into] a round, church hole.”

The way He gives it to me, that’s what I do

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