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Lost and found box of toys

remember when I was in Kindergarten, in the principal’s office there was a box. In this box was a collection of some of the most random objects you could imagine. Everyone in the school knew about this box and what its purpose was. It was the lost and found box. It was the place where hope was realized and disappointment turned to joy. Things that were misplaced or forgotten were often reunited with their owner. It seemed like the more valuable the item that was in the box, the more the owner appreciated having it back. Join us as we explore what it was like to lose and find that which is most valuable.

1) Read Luke 2:41-43, Isaiah 7:14, Micah 5:2

Imagine you’ve been waiting for something your whole life. You’ve consistently lived in such a way that showed you were waiting for something to happen that would alter history. Then imagine what you’ve been waiting for shows up and you have no idea. Jesus the One the Jews had been waiting for shows up as a 12-year-old boy and no one knows! Is it possible that He has given us exactly what we most deeply desire and we don’t realize it? Are you willing to give God a chance to do it?  Share it with us here using #MessageMag

2) Read Luke 2:44, Matthew 13:45-46, Mark 10:17-27

How crazy is it to think that a child who was born of immaculate conception, had shepherds worship Him at birth, and Magi brought Him gifts as a toddler, is allowed out of his parents’ sight for around 24 hours? Imagine the panic that overcame Mary and Joseph. Have you ever lost something valuable? How did you deal with it? Share your experience with us using #MessageMag on Social media. 

3) Read Luke 2:45-46, Luke 15:1-10

They lost Jesus for about three days! If we take the words of the text for what they are it suggests that they were so sure that Jesus was close that they ruled out that He could have been left behind. What a sobering challenge to having relationship with the Lord. I invite you the pray with us as we dismiss the temptation to assume Jesus is always with us. We would love to read your prayers on social media. If you share, use #MessageMag.

4) Read Luke 2:44-45, Joel 2:25

Sometimes we’re tempted to think our best days are behind us. If you think this is true for you, why not go back and get them? Impossible, you say? Nothing is impossible for and with God. Mary and Joseph had to go back to where they came from to get the greatness they left behind. Maybe we have to resolve to do the same from time to time. Is there anything in your past you desire God to give you strength to get back? We want to pray for those things with you. Give us your prayer request on Social Media using #MessageMag.

5) Luke 2:47-49, Proverbs 3:5,6 Romans 8:28

No matter your spiritual preference, trust is an indispensable ingredient in growth. Here a young Jesus is found doing what He would be doing the rest of His life. Do we trust that how things go are the way they are meant to go? What does it mean to trust? Tell us on Social media using #MessageMag.

6) Read Luke 2:50

It wasn’t only Jesus who was lost in this story, but His parents also. They didn’t understand that Jesus couldn’t be lost because He was the one throughout human history who searched out those without direction. While we search for Jesus He’s always where He needs to be. Has He ever been in an unexpected place for you at just the right time? Tell us about it using #MessageMag.

7) Read Luke 2:51-52, Psalm 139:7-12

Jesus was lost and then found. He has forever specialized in seeking the lost and redeeming the found. I pray that you never leave Him behind but if you do, remember when He found you in the box with all the other trinkets and was overjoyed for you to be back with whom you belong. 

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Rashad Burden is the pastor of the Mount Olive and Shiloh Seventh-day Adventist Churches in Southern Alabama.

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