Liberty and Justice for All

Many people know and believe that Jesus came to set us free. What He sets us free from can vary from person to person. One will say He came to set us free from ourselves. Another will say He came to release us from the bondage of sin. Yet another will assert that He frees us from our personal vices. These all are true in their own right, but I wonder if while Jesus walked this earth He had some other liberties he wished to relay to humanity? Join us as we see if Jesus truly wanted Liberty and Justice for All.

1) Read Luke 5:1-14

I don’t see it as coincidence that Jesus goes back into Galilee “in the power of the Spirit” after having gone through what He just did. I hope you don’t get offended, but when was the last time you fasted so that you would be able to live in the power of the Spirit? When was the last time you fasted for anything? Maybe it was recently, but maybe it wasn’t. I invite you to fast from what God puts on your mind to do. If you would like someone to pray with you during this time feel free to call me at 614-266-9568.

2) Read Luke 5:16-19, Isaiah 61:1-3

You just read the scripture that Jesus read from so that you can see the cliff Jesus left those in the synagogue on. Did you notice where Jesus stopped reading? What was left out of his reading that Sabbath? Let us know using #MessageMag on social media. We would love to here from you. 

3) Read Luke 5:20-22

Jesus rolls up the scroll at what many believe is an intentional place. But, instead of just receiving His gracious words, the people cannot believe this is Someone they know, or at least, someone with whom they are familiar. Have you ever seen this happen? The very fact that everybody knew them blocked their progression or a positive reception. This community, like many today, had a problem with someone elevating in influence and authority. Tell us if this is familiar to you and how, by using the #MessageMag on social media.

4) Read Luke 5:23-27

Jesus went too far. Or at least those in church that day thought so. He had the audacity to say God blesses those who are not the “remnant.” He implied that God sends his favor to those who have wandered away from the truth, and even are against God’s chosen people. Is Jesus in left field or have you personally seen Him do things in a way you would never expect? Share your experience on Social Media using #MessageMag.

5) Read Luke 5:28

Why would it make people so mad that Jesus was saying God cared about more than just those who went to church? I submit that if you or I were to make a public stand or take a knee to suggest that there are those who have been marginalized, profiled, and systematically deprived of privileges, that we would receive a similar response. It is hard to be aware, vocal, and active in a community where many have been programmed to focus on self-preservation. Any message of liberation that is not focused on them is infuriating, especially from one of their own. Have you seen this? Do you agree or disagree? Let us know using #MessageMag on social media.

6) Read Isaiah 61:3

Jesus was talking to a people who were in bondage themselves. The Jews were currently under Roman occupation and had to answer to Pilate, and ultimately Caesar. When He stopped reading at verse 2 of Isaiah 61, and then proceeded to talk about how God goes to others, it was a slap in the face because everyone wanted the glory of verse 3 without the true responsibility that preceded it. God is looking for the chosen to be more then hopeful. He is looking for them to be conscious. Has He led you to this mindset? If so, tell us about it on social media using #MessageMag.

7) Read Luke 5:29-30

Jesus spoke up about people in distress and it almost got Him killed. There is no logic to what Jesus did when the people went to throw him off the cliff. I just see that Jesus stated that a major part of his mission was to bring liberty and justice to all and His work wasn’t done. Our work isn’t done, and I’m convinced that whatever opposition is met, God will give power to go through. 


Rashad Burden is the pastor of the Mount Olive and Shiloh Seventh-day Adventist Churches in Southern Alabama.

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