Will You Walk by Faith?

Hebrews 11 is one of my favorite passages in Scripture. Many call it the “Hall of Faith,” because it describes people who have believed God, trusted Him, and took action in faith. Verse eight counts Abraham as a great man, because he had great faith. He believed in the Lord … and God counted it to him as righteousness.

Now, Abraham didn’t slay any giants like David did. Abraham didn’t write any proverbs like Solomon did. But Abraham believed God.

Abraham didn’t confront any Pharaohs or dispense any laws like Moses did, but Abraham believed God.

Abraham wasn’t a learned scribe like Ezra or a builder like Nehemiah. But Abraham believed God.

Abraham didn’t have Samson’s strength. He didn’t have Mordecai’s political acumen. But Abraham believed God.

Abraham didn’t command the sun to stand still like Joshua did, or defeat mighty armies like Gideon did. Abraham just believed God.

Abraham didn’t walk into any fiery furnaces like the three Hebrew boys or spend any time in a lion’s den. But Abraham believed God.

When God told a 75-year-old Abraham to get his things, pack up and go to a land without knowing where it was, Abraham believed God and he went. When God told Abraham that he and his wife Sarah would bear a child, that their descendants would be as numerous as the sand of the sea, Abraham struggled, but ultimately He believed God. When Abraham was 99 and Sarah was 90, they bore a son, Isaac. Abraham couldn’t see it, but he believed it.

Abraham walked by faith. But what does that mean to you and me?

Step by Step Determination to Trust

In 2 Corinthians 5:6, the apostle Paul teaches, “Therefore we are always confident, knowing that whilst we are at home in the body, we are absent from the Lord. For we walk by faith, and not by sight.”

Walk by faith, not by feeling. Walk by faith, not by sight. Walk by faith.

Faith is simply believing what you can’t see. It’s about trusting God, following His commands, stepping forth according to His calling. It’s about taking action based on the evidence of things not seen. It’s about setting aside what we feel or desire in service of faith in our Father.

For too many of us, if we can’t see it, we don’t believe it. If we can’t handle it, we don’t trust it. If we can’t compute it, we won’t risk it. If we can’t touch it, we don’t rely on it. If we can’t understand it, we don’t even try it.

Don’t miss this! Our faith is not determined by human sight. Sight impedes faith. Sight distorts faith. Sight hinders faith.

So, don’t let your eyes fool you. What you think is a burden just might be a blessing. What you think is a negative just might be a positive. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean God can’t do it!

Walk by faith, not by sight.

Not only is sight an impediment to our faith, how you feel can negatively impact your faith. If faith is believing what you can’t see, faith is also believing when you’re not feeling it. When I say feeling it, I’m not talking about what you can touch. I’m talking about your emotions.

Too often what we believe is determined by how we feel. I’m so glad Jesus didn’t say, “I’m not going to Calvary because I don’t feel it.” Faith can’t be based on how you feel!

Walk by faith, not by feeling.

Wade in Deeper

First, to walk by faith, you must have a relationship with God.

I see so many people who have religion, but no relationship. They only come to God when they’re in a tough spot, begging Him to get them out of a crisis. That’s not faith! Faith isn’t about what God can do for you. Faith is about the ministry He will do through you! It’s about following His calling on your life. By the same token, you need to recognize that a relationship with God doesn’t mean life will be easy. You will face persecution. You will have trouble. But remember, the world may shake your faith, but your faith can shake the world.

Next, to walk by faith, you need to be rational.

Being rational means you don’t ask God to do for you what you aren’t willing to do for yourself. You make wise decisions and act on them. You use the brain and mental faculties God gave you, and then you take the next steps. If you need a job, get your resume together. Go apply. Again, don’t expect God to do something for you that you won’t do for yourself. But be careful; never be so rational that you can’t leave room for the supernatural movement of God!

Last, to walk by faith, get ready for release.

Release is when you step back, and you just let it go. Release is when you let God be God. Release is when you say, “Okay, I’ve done all I know how to do.” As long as you think you can handle something by yourself, God can’t touch it. You need to turn everything over to Jesus.

You can do this … walk by faith.


CARLTON P. BYRD, D.MIN., is Senior Pastor of the Oakwood University Church in Huntsville, Alabama and the speaker and director for Breath of Life Television Ministries.


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