Wanted: Leaders Like Joseph


Message Magazine’s Online Devotional for Monday, October 10, 2016

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“When the righteous are numerous, the people will rejoice, but when the wicked are ruling, people will groan” (Proverbs 29:2, LEB).

The Bible says that those who embrace God, and that for which He stands, receive the right to be called His children. He considers them righteous because His power works within them. They turn from worldliness, toward holiness and daily adopt the mindset of Jesus.

When I think of this principle in the context of today’s proverb, Joseph comes to mind. Imagine a society in which numerous people with Joseph-like qualities ran the country. What if there was a man or woman president like Joseph? How would it be to have the Supreme Court supplied with justices with the mind and commitment of Joseph? What if all or most of our lawmakers were like Joseph? Would the people rejoice?

The Lord entrusted Joseph with wisdom to lead the people of Egypt through seven years of plenty and seven years of extreme famine. Joseph so connected with the mind of his God that even those from surrounding areas could go to Egypt to be fed. His connection benefitted far more people than his immediate sphere of influence.

I need not detail how detrimental to society having numerous people in positions of influence who don’t respect God can be. Nero, Hitler, and Herod the tetrarch come to mind. National rulers who routinely trample religious and civil liberties exemplify the negative impact of institutionalized disrespect for the sacred.

Which society would you rather support? Would you rather support a society of evil where wickedness is embraced at the highest levels? Or would you prefer to contribute to a society where integrity, honor, and respect prevail? Is there anything you can do today or in the near future to show your support and respect for righteousness to prevail?

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