The Lost Word


Message Magazine’s Online Devotional for Sunday, August 16, 2015

Today’s Scripture:
“And it came to pass, when the king had heard the words of the law, that he rent his clothes. And the king commanded Hilkiah, and Ahikam the son of Shaphan, and Abdon the son of Micah, and Shaphan the scribe, and Asaiah a servant of the king’s, saying, Go, inquire of the LORD for me, and for them that are left in Israel and in Judah, concerning the words of the book that is found: for great is the wrath of the LORD that is poured out upon us, because our fathers have not kept the word of the LORD, to do after all that is written in this book.” (2 Chronicles 34:19–21).

Question for Deep Consideration
What are we to do if God’s Word is banished, buried, and carelessly lost in our lives, and by some miracle of mercy, He brings it back to view?

Today’s Observation:
The Bible records a wonderful story of the reign of a faithful king named Josiah. His story is of particular interest to me, because we named our son Josiah. This king was a young eight years of age when he began to reign in Jerusalem. The Bible continues this fascinating story by highlighting the fact that Josiah was a faithful king. This is very easy to gloss quickly over, except when you realize that faithfulness in those days, as in ours, was a rare commodity, especially when it came to those in power. Yet, the Lord was able to keep this king faithful. When kings were pillaging people’s lands, wives, and possessions, God still preserved for Himself a people.

In this spirit, when Josiah was just 20 years of age, he commanded that all of the false gods, along with everything that had been associated with them, especially during King Manasseh’s reign of disobedience be destroyed. The king went to great lengths in his instructions concerning their destruction and disposal.

When the king was 26, he further commissioned the restoration of the Lord’s temple. History records that the king’s men discovered lots of money that was lost in the Lord’s house, which they reinvested into the work of its restoration. The restoration was going very well, and the Lord’s name was being glorified in that place again, when the men providentially stumbled upon the Book of the Law God had given to Moses to govern His people so many years before. It was banished, buried, and carelessly lost in the lives of His people as they replaced it with the gods of their own hands. As one would imagine, when they had given word to the king that the temple copy of God’s precious Word was discovered, he was bewildered. The Word of the Lord was read to the king, and he realized just how far the people of God had shamelessly wandered from Him, because the Word was not present in their lives, so he sent to the prophetess Huldah, to enquire of the Lord for them.

Huldah gave a faithful testimony, being a prophetess of the most High, which included inspiration for revival and reformation, judgments, and a message of mercy for the king himself (read the entire story in 2 Kings 21 and 22; 2 Chronicles 34).

Life Application:
Often, there are times in many of our lives that we set up idols of greed, sexual impurity, violence, pride, rage, family abuse, addictions, and evil entertainments in our lives, and completely lose focus of God and His Word. We are the temple of God according to Scripture, but if we are not careful and prayerful, His Word can be cast aside in His own house just like the days of Manasseh.

However, just like the days of Josiah, God often sends a message to His people to get our lives in order; to break down and throw out our idols; to be kind to those we have disrespected, and return to our God. And, as in the days of Josiah, as we begin the process of reformation, the Lord may send an ever stronger word through His prophets who direct our minds more closely to the Bible. We must be careful never to spurn God’s inspiration given through those who direct our attention to the Bible! Can you imagine if the king had said he was not going to listen to Huldah, because she was not Moses? Likewise, can you imagine if King David would not listen to Nathan, because he was not Jeremiah? What if Naaman had not listened to Elisha, or if the widow had not listened to Elijah, because they were not Amos? There are many times in our lives that the Lord may elect to send special messages that direct our minds to the Bible, because hitherto, we have lost sight of Scripture. Let’s ask the Lord to help us always be thankful when His Word is delivered to us, no matter how He chooses to do so.

I thank God for His faithful men and women, including those like the precious prophet Huldah, who are willing to speak for Him, no matter the cost. Are you willing to listen?

A Prayer for Your Hearts:
Lord, please teach us to ever keep your holy Word near to our hearts, and live by its principles. In the name of Jesus I pray, amen.

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