Sleight of Hand

Magical illusions: Easy tricks distract us away from our purpose.

Message Magazine’s Online Devotional for Wednesday, February 11, 2015
Based Upon Acts 13

Beware of distractions!

While reading our theme chapter for today, what immediately struck me was the audacity of Satan. Envision the scene: God has ordained His messengers to teach the message of hope and liberty from sin. With many wonderful works, He demonstrated His love and incredible power. But Satan, being the photo-bomber he has ever been, decides that it was as good a time as any to attempt to steal the spotlight.

A man named Sergius Paulus was drawn to the messages God had given the apostles to preach, and wouldn’t you know, he had a magician as a sidekick who tried his best to dissuade him from the truth he had just experienced. Paul, being filled with the Holy Ghost (that fact is critical), spoke directly to the devilishness within this magician. He pronounced a curse of blindness upon him after he openly chided him for having the nerve to attempt to oppose the work of the Lord. And so the magician was reduced to a weak non-factor, groping around begging for someone to lead him. This final display of God’s power over darkness inspired Sergius Paulus to astonishment and full commitment to God.

What is the devil using to distract you? Is it TV, porn addiction, money chasing, drugs, pride, rage, appetite, or something else? What is it that shows its ugly little head whenever you are close to embracing more of your need for God in your life? Always remember that everything the enemy offers is counterfeit. It cannot satisfy. He’s a loser. He cannot win in your life, as long as you place your trust in God. Settle it in your mind right now to find rest under the blood stained banner of Jesus Christ. Surrender to God, and allow Him to beat back the enemy’s attacks on your life until Jesus comes to take His people home.

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