Sacrificially And Eternally Rich


Message Magazine’s Online Devotional for Monday, January 5, 2015
Based Upon Luke 21

Are you rich or poor? The answer to this can be tricky, depending upon perspective.

Jesus told a story about two categories of people. One category is of those He called rich. The second, who were represented by a widow, are poor. The context of His story is giving offering during worship. Jesus said that there were rich people who gave lots of money and there was one poor widow who only had less than two cents to offer. “Which of the two,” He asked, “gave most? Was it the rich or this poor widow with less than two cents?”

This question is quite intriguing. The simple fact that someone would even ask a question with what would seem to be such an obvious answer lets us know that there is more here than meets the eye. Since Jesus used this question as a teaching tool, He told the people that this woman who gave out of her extreme need, did so with more abundance than those who had riches to spare. Why? The more of a sacrifice that is involved in our dedication is a sweeter service than that which we offer without any real loss. Jesus, the greatest Example of this principle, submitted His all as He hung, horribly beaten and bloodied on a cruel cross for our sins.

Do we the same? Do we give of our very best to the master?

If we are rich toward God, our riches, as well as our extreme need alike are freely given to Him, for whatever most glorifies Him. Therefore, riches that matter are those invested in heaven. The poor of eternal import are those who give without sacrifice. So, I ask again, are you rich or poor?

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