Recovery Principle: Use The Touch Of Faith


Message Magazine’s Online Devotional for Monday, May 2, 2016


Today’s Scripture Focus: Luke 8:43-48

sin recovery planWe are focusing on sin recovery principle number two of 12: “We believe that only God’s power can restore us to sanity. His power is infinitely greater than our own.”

As usual, Jesus had had a long day of healing and delivering people from the bondage of devils. He spent all of His time either in ministry or devotional time preparing for ministry. He understood the purpose for which He was called, and while in the flesh, He more than fulfilled it. He came to seek and save the lost.

A woman, who had been drawn by the Holy Spirit to Jesus, finally got a glimpse of Him. I imagine it must have been awe-inspiring. At last, the Man she had heard so much about, was almost within her reach. She was drawn to Him because she had an issue, for twelve long years that caused hemorrhaging. In Jewish society, she was considered unclean, and one who could not carry on everyday activities in the general population because of her ailment. How must she have felt knowing that she was almost within reach of Jesus? How must it have made her feel knowing that she had betrayed her quarantined existence to get just one simple touch of His garment?

The time had come. She began to further exert the saving faith God had already begun using in her. She knew deep down inside that if she could just reach out far enough, she could be completely healed. She did it! She probably crawled through the crowd and with every ounce of energy, extended her arm and touched Him. She touched the border of the Master’s clothes. Suddenly the electrifying virtue of God was transferred into her being. The power communicated in that single transaction was able to summon planets out of nothingness. That power could say to the darkness “Let there be light” and light would appear dispelling every dim quarter (Genesis 1:3). The virtue of Jesus Christ healed her of her plague. Jesus knew that His power had been drawn upon to heal someone with saving faith. Amidst all of the hustling and bustling about, He knew the difference between the desperate touch of faith and the careless brushing by of the faithless. God honored the faith of an otherwise hopeless woman and she was made whole.

Do you have seemingly hopeless circumstances clouding your thoughts? Does it seem that year after year has passed and no reprieve is in sight? Be encouraged child of God. Extend the faith that God has given you and receive the healing virtue of Jesus. He is still in the prayer answering business today. It only takes a touch, a faith-filled touch. Reach out your hand of faith and receive the love, power, and soundness of mind God ordained for you before the world began (2 Timothy 1:7).

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