Re-Creation Miracle


Message Magazine’s Online Devotional for Sunday, March 5, 2017

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“By the word of the Lord were the heavens made; And all the host of them by the breath of his mouth” (Psalm 33:6).

I know it is hard to believe that God is as powerful as He is, but the evidence is clear. There is no way this fair earth could be so beautiful and orderly, with all of its creatures, except a loving, powerful God set it so.

Power of God’s Word

Not too long ago, we discussed the power of our words but said little regarding God’s words. When you get a chance, read the first several chapters of the book of Genesis. There you will find a miraculous battery of events that all culminated in the satisfaction and rest of a loving God who created a world full of beauty and beings who were in His image.

In six literal days, God created a mature world with all its supporting ecosystems and creatures to enjoy it. In His crowning act, He created an adult male and female who represented a composite picture of His character in our earthly sphere who would become fruitful and procreate to replicate this blessing throughout the earth in their offspring. On the seventh day, God rested in commemoration of His completed work, and as an example we should follow. The time was holy for holy interaction with a Holy God, with no encumbrances of mundane thought or activities.

Something Went Right

While it is true, that something went wrong in that Adam and Eve turned their backs on God through disobedience, something went right. God mercifully recreates all who would choose submission to His will. The beauty of God’s miraculous creation has been blighted, but because of His great love toward us, He works fastidiously to recreate His image in us so we can spend eternity with Him. The same God who created the earth in perfection has enacted a plan to perfect all who abandon the sinful paradigm and embrace the blessing of right relationship with God.

Do you want to enjoy the beauty of re-creation? Do you want to be in the fullness of God’s image? Do you want to be forever insulated against sin and degradation? Read John 1, Romans 5-6, and John 3:16-17, and give your life to Him today. Join the re-creation miracle while there is still time!

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