God’s Name

Let us accept the name of God in our lives as it is our privilege to, and worship Him as He deserves.

Stewarding the Heart: Holy, Name of God. Message Magazine’s Online Devotional for Monday, February 18, 2019

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“Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain” (Exodus 20:7).

That Name

The name of God is holy. The ways in which He has revealed Himself throughout history, show us clearly, that He is no lightweight God. In His name judgments were pronounced, messages delivered, and vast armies defeated. Kings, pharaohs, and governors bowed under His name. In His name, diseases were cured, ailments sent to flight, and devils exorcised. The name of God is not to be treated lightly.

God’s people have associated names of God with important junctures in their lives. In the case of Abraham on Mount Moriah, God was the Provider. In the case of Moses facing the charge to begin the exodus, He was the Lord; the one who is with you. In the creation,the Almighty One established the worlds.

On The Lips

Looking closely at these realities gives us a view of why it is no small matter to misuse His name. Sometimes I watch shows on cable that are good in general, but I have noticed that even in the least offensive of them, people treat the name of the Lord lightly. One example is in all of the home makeover shows that I have seen. Invariably, when homeowners see the great job the designer has done, they begin to repeatedly use God’s name, not in worship or adoration, but in superficial surprise with no regard for His holiness. This neither pleases God nor does it bring Him glory.

Another way that may be more offensive is when we wear the name of God, and then chronically do things He disapproves of. Does He get any praise when we claim to be His, yet do not allow Him to control our lives? A whole world is watching even when we are not aware, and they blaspheme God when they recognize hypocrisy. Let us accept the name of God in our lives as it is our privilege to, and worship Him as He deserves. We can win many people to the Lord by simply living as those that reverence His name.

Protect The Power of That Name

Welcome to the privilege of becoming faithful stewards of your hearts. Manage responsibly, in Jesus’ name.

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