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Now that we have entered November and the holidays will soon be upon us, it just might be the time to review some of the savings and spending activities taking place in your finances before the year ends. I am not talking about anything revolutionary, but just simple tweaks, check and reminders which may help save or earn you a few dollars, during these financially stressful times. What are some of these tweaks, checks and reminders?


If you find that your cable bill is increasing, you may want to call you cable provider and see if there are any promotional deals in effect. Don’t forget to mention that you are a longtime customer. Of course, do not take the first deal offered, since that’s usually not the best deal.

When it comes to streaming services,  if there are shows you regularly watch perhaps the best approach is to acquire a subscriptions and opposed to monthly services. A subscription may cost you less. However, you may have to purchase the annual subscription up front.


Set up automatic transfers from your checking to your savings and investment ac-counts each payday . Get into the habit of paying yourself first. Also, this will ensure that your saving and investments will grow monthly.

Credit Reports

The three major credit reporting agencies have extended free credit reports through December 31, 2022. You should take advantage of these reports which can be accessed weekly. The service has been extended and provided through the end of the year as part of the response to Covid-19. After, December 31, 2022, the service will no longer be provided for free.

Cell Phone Service Fees

All of us would not mind getting the latest cell phone for the holidays as a Christmas gift, but what about the service charges? Perhaps now is the time to shop for a better service plan and save or reduce your bill. You may compare plans and determine the amount of your savings by visiting sites such as or this phone plan savings calendar.

Utility Bills

You may not know this but most utility companies offer rebates for having efficient home products and services. An example of this would be to save on using LED lightbulbs in your home. You save by first using the coupon and then reduction of your utility bill over the lifetime usage of the bulbs. If you want to save more on your home costs, there is always the opportunity to conduct an energy efficient audit and receive discounts. But in order to know what is available you will have to look at their website for the details.



Today’s what’s up is about I bonds. Although you may have missed out on the opportunity to purchase them last week, it’s never too late to get started. As inflation continues to be a problem and may be around for a while, you can invest in I bonds now. This week the Treasury Department will provide the I bonds rate for the next six months. Check it out! And that’s what’s up!

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