God’s Creation. Satan’s Destruction. God’s Restoration.

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Family began, according to the Bible, with God who “created man in his own image in the image of God created he him: male and female created he them. And God blessed them, and God said unto them, “Be fruitful, and multiply. . .” (Genesis 1:27, 29). God intended family happiness, however, with the entry of sin into the world, all forms of unhappiness, including family problems, exist today.

Some family problems stem from childhood experiences that one may not remember, understand, or accept. For example: some children had a parent who denied that they were the parent of that child. Some children were sexually molested by a parent or other family member. Some were abused in other ways. Some grew up in homes where all they heard were parents arguing. Others grew up in homes where God was not honored. As a result, they may have looked for a mate in all the wrong places. To exacerbate these painful experiences, some adults who may know what their issues are, rather than getting the help they need, blame others.

On the other hand, some people grew up in good homes, homes with potential to propel and nurture. However, because of the influence of friends, the places people hung out, TV programs and movies watched, and even some of the music to which they listened that potential was lost.

Enough of the negatives. There is a way to bring happiness back into the family:

  1. Acknowledge that there is a problem and you could be it.
  2. Invite God to come into your heart and family. Be willing to obey whatever He asks you to do, before it is too late to save the family.
  3. Be willing to seek professional counseling if needed.
  4. Communicate with your mate honestly, and calmly.
  5. Ask for forgiveness where you have wronged your mate and children, and be willing to forgive what your mate may have done. If you want forgiveness, you have to be willing to forgive. Jesus forgives us when we ask in sincerity. He is our example.
  6. Show true love to your spouse and children. Show genuine interest in them.

Others who may be blessed with happy homes can help others by showing love to those whom they know are struggling. I did not say to intrude uninvited. Rather, invite them to hang out with you some time just for fun. People can learn how to love by being shown love, and seeing how love is shown. Invite the young, single people to your home for fun so they can observe what a happy home is, and what theirs can be when they get married and have a family.

Pray for the parent or parents, or other family members who wronged you in such a hurtful way. When you pray for the person or persons who wronged you, God gives you a peace that only He can give.

I said pray for, not about. When you pray about someone, there are times you may be asking God to punish him or her for what they did. When you pray for someone, you are asking God to please reach their hearts and help them to recognize their issue, and ask for God’s forgiveness, and those they hurt. Because of some things I have been through, I can tell you from personal experience, that when I started praying for . . . it helped me. Only God!

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